Revue Magazine August 2019


CLICK HERE FOR THE AUGUST 2019 ISSUE OF REVUE It’s with great pleasure to share the entries from the August 2019 Revue photo contest Artisans & Handicrafts of Guatemala. And as always, a big thank you to all the photographers who participated. The prize for 1st Place by Popular Vote is Q400. Second place in both categories is Q100, and […]

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Revue Magazine July 2019


CLICK HERE TO READ THE JULY 2019 ISSUE OF REVUE This edition marks the 1-year anniversary of the Revue e-zine (electronic magazine). Though we still receive comments from readers about missing the monthly print editions, most everyone agrees that decreasing circulation to cut costs for advertisers would definitely not have been a good thing — for them and for us. […]

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REVUE Magazine September 2018


CLICK HERE TO READ the September issue of Revue. We have had several Revue readers ask us, “Now that Revue is digital, has your work load gotten easier?” The short answer (without complaint) is, “No.” After 26 years we continue to carry out our original mission statement of promoting the best of Guatemala. We are still publishing informative and entertaining […]

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ANDAS Processional Floats in Antigua

photo by Willy Posadas

All five senses are assaulted by the many sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of the Lenten season, throughout Guatemala but especially in La Antigua. It is an intense period of sorrow, joy, regret, celebration that fills the days with sensual emotions. The ornately colorful carpets, the funereal marches and drums, the pungent corozo and pine odors, the tostadas and […]

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Master Artists Working on Lenten Splendor in Antigua

Master Artists Working on Lenten Splendor in Antigua

The celebration of Lent in La Antigua Guatemala has become the largest in the word over recent years – yes, larger than Seville, Spain – and the Antigüeño artists have certainly contributed to this! Decorations for the velaciones – holy vigils held in the church before each procession representing the garden that Jesus visited before crucifixion – have become increasingly incredible, […]

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“Holy Week” Semana Santa – Winners of the Revue Photo Contest March

revue photo contest

Here are the results of the March 2018 Photo Contest “Holy Week in Guatemala” WINNERS BY POPULAR VOTE WINNERS BY EDITORIAL DECISION THANK YOU to all the participating photographers — there were so many wonderful images to choose from. You can see all of the excellent submissions on the Revue Facebook page The winners and a number of other photographs will […]

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The Procession from Santa Catarina Bobadilla

Procession from Santa Catarina Bobadilla

The Procession of Jesús Nazareno de la Salvación de Santa Catarina Bobadilla (Sunday, February 18th, 2018) Each Sunday during Lent, and leading up to Holy Week in La Antigua, Guatemala, several local congregations sponsor religious processions that depart from their villages, following various routes through its cobbled streets and then returning to their respective churches late in the evening.  The […]

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Mendel Samayoa Art Exhibit

Mendel Samayoa

Mendel Samayoa, an avid free-wheeling motorcyclist, holds a degree in architecture from the Universidad de San Carlos, and his artistic passions embrace film, theater and painting. His cinema credits include “Donde Acaban los Caminos,” “Looking for Palladin” (shot in La Antigua Guatemala), “La Vaca,” and the award-winning short films “Sweet Dalila” and “La Paciente.” Samayoa has undertaken impressive theatrical productions […]

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Please Recycle

please recycle

Attention Sacatepéquez residents, “Please Recycle.” Now there is a small recycling center, five minutes from central La Antigua Guatemala, 100 yards past the bridge as you come into San Pedro las Huertas, on the left side of the street, just past the gated community San Pedro el Alto. Recicladora San Pedro de las Huertas is run by Familia López. They […]

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Antigua Green School

Antigua Green School

Antigua Green School individually tracks each student’s progress and adapts its teaching style to them. Every parent the world over wants the best education for his or her children. And Guatemala is no different. Ensuring the best education they can is most parents’ main priority so as to provide their children with the greatest chance of success. And having a […]

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A New History for La Antigua Guatemala

history Antigua Guatemala

With the recent “discovery” of the “El Libro Segundo del Cabildo (1530-1541) de Santiago de Guatemala,” historians lit up with enthusiasm! Guatemala’s historians continue to rewrite the past. With many libraries and collections now available in digital form, we not only have access to more information but word has it that the archbishop of Guatemala has made the church’s archives […]

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MUSEUM EVENT Cultural Landscapes

guatemala event

Sat., 14 & Sun., 15 EVENT Cultural Landscapes in collaboration with International Museum Day (May 18) The Museo Arte de Guatemala (MAG) invites you to attend its weekend events: Sat. & Sun., 10am-5pm Opening of the Farmer’s Market (Caoba Farms) Sat. 10am, throughout the day, tour of facilities and exhibition; 11am & 3pm, 1½ hour guided tour of the Collector […]

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Education in Guatemala — A Brief Overview

Guatemala education

The University of San Carlos of Guatemala is one of the oldest universities in the Americas. Education has come a long way since higher education began in 1620 at the Colegio de Santo Tomas de Aquino, predecessor to San Carlos, which was officially founded in 1676. Women did not attend university in colonial times, and only some were accepted at […]

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DOCUMENTARY Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey

guatemala events

Tues. DOCUMENTARY Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey. Donation Q40. Hotel Santo Domingo, Sala Marco Augusto Quiroa, 3a calle oriente 28-A, La Antigua Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey tells the story of Hannah Nydahl and her adventure bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West. From her wild and idealistic roots as a hippy in Copenhagen, the film follows Hannah and her husband Ole to […]

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Fundraising event for “Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos – Guatemala

Guatemala event

Friday Fundraising event for “Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos-Guatemala (NPH)” — a home located in Chimaltenango for more than 300 children and youths. 35% of our sales will be contributed. More information at Cena de Recaudación Enjoy an artistic presentation by the NPH Student Marimba band, and taste our grilled dishes and international cuisine. Presale tickets: Q50 (towards consumables) available at Restaurante […]

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SLIDE SHOW Antigua: Behind the Walls with Elizabeth Bell

Guatemala events

Wed. (English) SLIDE SHOW Antigua: Behind the Walls with Elizabeth Bell. Enjoy a one-hour presentation with vintage and contemporary photographs collected over the past 40 years, accompanied by Elizabeth Bell’s expert narration. Q50 per person. Questions encouraged. Autographed books available. Hotel Sor Juana, 4a calle oriente #45, La Antigua

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Antigua’s First Interactive Procession Maps

Semana Santa Guatemala

Stay current with the when-and-where during Semana Santa. The major Antigua procession routes of 2016 are available at this link (click here). Use the check boxes on the map menu for which procession you would like to follow. Currently available, the processions of: Jesús Nazareno del Perdón y Santísima Virgen de Dolores. San Francisco Church Grande. Holy Thursday / Jueves […]

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10-Hour Life Cycle of a Semana Santa Alfombra (Holy Week Carpet)

Guatemala Holy Week Carpet

During the Holy Week alfombras (carpets) are created on the streets of the procession routes. It is a long-standing tradition and the variety and artistic beauty must be seen to be truly appreciated. This series by photographer Katrin Neuhaus shows, from beginning to end, the approximately 10-hour life cycle of one of these creations of devotion. See the entire slide […]

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SLIDE SHOW “Antigua: Behind the Walls” with Elizabeth Bell


Wednesday. (English) SLIDE SHOW Antigua: Behind the Walls with Elizabeth Bell. Enjoy a one-hour presentation with vintage and contemporary photographs collected over the past 40 years, accompanied by Elizabeth Bell’s expert narration. Q50 per person. Questions encouraged. Autographed books available. Hotel Sor Juana, 4a calle oriente #45, La Antigua

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Coffee Brews an Education in Guatemala

Every Kcup is weighed before being packed into the box

ARIMA – Community Service. Mission statement: Arima delivers limited editions of extraordinary, specialty grade coffee. We believe in openness and honesty to create a premium and socially responsible coffee brand. Arima always and only works the best single-origin 100 percent arabica strictly hard beans (SHB). We visit every coffee estate to ensure quality and establish a long-term relationship with producers. […]

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Art Exhibit Inauguration: Mario Permuth at Galería Panza Verde, Antigua Guatemala


If you missed the inauguration of Mario Permuth’s new art exhibit “Tradition & Experiment” — here are some photo highlights. You can still check out the exhibit, traditional and three-dimensional digital photography, through Sept. 30 at the Galería Panza Verde in Antigua (tel: 7955-8282, 5a av sur #19). Photos by Lizzie Ross,

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DAILY DATEBOOK: Sept. 9, 2015 in Antigua Guatemala


INAUGURATION OF ART EXHIBITION by Mario Permuth. Wed. Sept. 9 from 5pm to 7pm. PHOTOGRAPHY. Inauguration cocktail, Tradition & Experiment, featuring traditional and three-dimensional digital photography by Mario Permuth. The show will be open through Sept. 30. Mesón Panza Verde (tel: 7955-8282), 5a av sur #19, La Antigua

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