Revue Magazine September 2020


Here we are in September. Most businesses have been opening up again, using new standards of conduct. Social distancing and limited clientele is the norm. It is still important to use a face covering and keep your hands sanitized. But still, many businesses are hard put to bring in enough income to cover the overhead. Several places have simply shut down for good. How long will this last?
The Revue offices are still closed. We have been working remotely to publish this monthly magazine, primarily to keep our clients’ businesses in focus so, as they do open up, you can click to websites and Facebook pages to see what services and hours they offer and how you can contact them directly.
What has been markedly missing in previous issues of Revue, as well as this September edition, is the DateBook Cultural Calendar. I’m sure we all miss the art shows, theater, live music, special events, etc. Here’s hoping we get back to some of that soon.

“My favorite artist” by Hadazul Cruz

We still have some fun stuff in this issue though. The Photo Contest theme was Pastimes in Guatemala and once again the photos are great. Hadazul Cruz brings us the story of the famous Esquisúchil Tree that was planted in 1657 and unfortunately collapsed in a storm just this year. But there is a hopeful ending to the tale.
Speaking of famous, Chef Amalia highlights Legumes and discusses the Guatemalan tradition and various methods of preparing black beans. Included is a special recipe of hers.
As always, we wish you all the best in these times and please stay safe.
— John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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