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  • Garry Sagel

    Can you tell me what my options are for traveling from Antigua to Lake Atitlan? Thanks.

  • We suggest a shuttle from any of the travel agencies or tour operators in the travel section of the Advertiser Index

  • it all depends on what side of the Atitlan lake would you like to be, often people go to Panajachel, then taking the shuttle from Antigua – Chimaltenango and Panajachel will help you, usually they stop for breakfast in Katok, you´ll like it

    But if you consider going the oposite side, then rent a car and drive from Antigua to Alotennago then Escuintla, is a 20 minute ride, then the highway to Mexican Border, that´s 180 kms further, but you make a right on km 117 the small town is called Cocales, then ride from there to San Lucas Toliman and Santiago, you´ll hit the best scenes of the more beautiful lake on earth

    enjoy it !!

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