Revue Magazine June 2021


Welcome to the June issue of REVUE, thanks for reading. Guatemala is receiving more and more international visitors, many who feel they no longer need to wear a mask because they have already received their vaccinations. To those folks, please remember that Guatemala still has mask guidelines and they are enforced.

Most would agree that Protecting Our World Heritage is an important issue, but who will actually do the work? Meet Ana Lucía González Muñoz and Yoldez Halleb and how their amazing story of friendship turned into a heritage project, here in Guatemala.

They met in Baku, Azerbaijan, where they were representing their countries, Guatemala and Tunisia, at the World Heritage Young Professionals Forum, during the 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.

Whenever he went abroad, Maestro Cruz Enrique España, liked to wear the Todos Santos Cuchumatán “Traje típico”

Antigua and the world lost a unique artist this past year. Maestro Cruz Enrique España was born into an artisan family from San Felipe de Jesús, La Antigua. He became famous for his beautiful hand-crafted painted ceramic birds, but soon, as he mastered his technique, he began to explore other themes. Contributing writer Hadazul Cruz gives us an Artist Profile of this incredibly talented man.

Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard explains why Frescos are so refreshing and includes a recipe for a delicious Rosa de Jamaica with lime and mint. A toast to June!

— Terry & John Kovick Biskovich, Publishers

NOTE: The Guatemalan government is sending out notices about the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccinations now in progress.Go to for more info.

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