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It’s with great pleasure to share the entries from the August 2019 Revue photo contest Artisans & Handicrafts of Guatemala. And as always, a big thank you to all the photographers who participated.
The prize for 1st Place by Popular Vote is Q400.

Second place in both categories is Q100, and 3rd place Q50. With appreciation to our sponsor, Antigua Hotel Solutions, in awarding the winning photographer for 1st Place by Editorial Decision a complimentary one-night accommodation for two at the Hotel Casa Antigua in La Antigua.


3rd Place Popular Vote “Orfebrería en plata” San Juan del Obispo by Mirna Ortiz

Hadazul Cruz looks back at the incredible career of Guatemalan Diego de Porres (1677-1741). Though his name may have dimmed, his works stand as monuments to his abilities as a builder extraordinaire and his genius as an architect.

After San Miguel earthquake in 1717, the Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala City Council commissioned him to assess the overall damage and repair the main buildings, including the Cathedral (1718- 1721).

His personal seal is of a hand holding an architect’s compass and the words “LABRE ET CONSTANCIA.” One of these seals can be seen in the keystone arch of the main door at La Escuela de Cristo Church.

Many of his architectural masterpieces are still standing in La Antigua Guatemala. As you walk through La Antigua Guatemala see if you can find any of Diego de Porres’ seals: La Recolección, church and convent; San Felipe Neri Church and Convent (1720-1730); San Alejo’s Hospital (1722); Santa Clara Church and Monastery (1730-1734); Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza (Capuchinas) Church and Monastery (1731-1736); the Real Casa de la Moneda (1734-1738); and the Palacio Arzobispal (1743), among others.

On the corner, next to the Cathedral is the “Palacio Arzobispal. (Ralf Steinberger)

On the corner, next to the Cathedral is the “Palacio Arzobispal”. (Ralf Steinberger)

The award-winning author and keynote speaker Amalia Moreno-Damgaard feature this month is Homage to the Argentinian and Uruguayan Asado. As she explains, barbecue is perhaps a universal culinary language. Asados, or grilled foods, are popular worldwide and especially in Argentina and Uruguay. She also includes recipes for Matambre (Flank Steak Stuffed with Vegetables and Eggs) and Chimichurri (garlic, parsley and oregano sauce).

Contributing author Mark D. Walker (Maya Gods & Monsters; Luis Argueta – Telling the stories of Guatemalan Immigrants; and In the Kingdom of Mescal) shares a section from his Yin and Yang Travel Series featuring Traveling in Tandem with a Chapina.

Events and activities will keep you entertained throughout the month of August. This month we’re spotlighting Santiago de Guatemala Profiles, A look at what could have been … by Guatemalan artist Ludwing Paniagua. The exhibit consists of eight pieces in which you can appreciate La Antigua Guatemala´s monumental buildings before the catastrophes occurred that left them in their current state.

Next up is a Watercolor Workshop with illustrator Desirée Iturbide where students can learn how to paint different types of flowers. For more listings check DateBook.
Have a wonderful August here in the Land of Eternal Spring.

John & Terry Biskovich


  • Mark Walker’s article is a testimony to his love for Guatemala throughout the years and a confirmation that once Guatemala enters your heart, it will accompany you forever. Gracias, Mark.

  • Mark’s enduring love for Guatemala is evident and a confirmation of the enduring influence of its people, history and geography in all who are touched by its magic.

  • Mark’s article is a testimony to his enduring love for Guatemala and the influence the country exerts on all those who open their heart to its magic.

  • Loved the article by Mark Walker. Intercultural marriages always pose multiple difficulties. Small things that otherwise would not be any trouble, can be interpreted very differently in two different cultures. Raising children in a bicultural parenthood, increased by raising those kids in many different countries, is a challenge not many face successfully. Mark and Ligia should write a “manual” called: “How to survive an intercultural marriage”.

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