Revue Magazine October 2020


As we go to press the President of Guatemala has announced the re-opening of the country. Masks are still required and there are restrictions on crowd size indoors and a curfew on liquor sales. We’ll see how things work out moving forward.

In the Revue this month we have pages and pages of wonderful photography relating to our latest Photo Contest Pets in Guatemala. Our thanks go out to all of the photographers who sent in so many cute, adorable, thought-provoking, and beautiful images.

REVUE Photo Contest

Honorable Mention Judges Vote “Emma and Friends / Emma y sus amigos” La Antigua by Ludwing Paniagua

Contributing author Mark D. Walker introduces us to professor and author Victor Montejo and relates Victor’s dream for a secure Maya community. Montejo won a seat in the Guatemalan National Congress and from this post was named Minister of Peace. He worked on the National Program for Reparation to the victims of the armed conflict in Guatemala and was named President of the Congressional Commission of Indigenous People.

In October, Rayarte is presenting an interesting online event with conferences and workshops. Rayarte is a visual communication conference organized by 6th semester students’ from San Carlos University. It was created in order to introduce new trends, techniques and ideals in terms of visual culture and its importance inside and outside the country.

In Amalia’s Kitchen this month, our favorite chef and author gives us some tips on preparing Latin Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Delights with healthy suggestions for making traditional Guatemalan dishes without compromising flavor and quality.

Have a great October by staying safe.
Terry & John Kovick Biskovich

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