Mendel Samayoa Art Exhibit

Mendel Samayoa, an avid free-wheeling motorcyclist, holds a degree in architecture from the Universidad de San Carlos, and his artistic passions embrace film, theater and painting.

Mendel Samayoa

His cinema credits include “Donde Acaban los Caminos,” “Looking for Palladin” (shot in La Antigua Guatemala), “La Vaca,” and the award-winning short films “Sweet Dalila” and “La Paciente.”

Samayoa has undertaken impressive theatrical productions as well, including “Tres Maneras de Mentir, “ “En Clave de Comedia” and “Pintas y Paradas.

According to an interview in La Hora (August 2016), his sensibilities have been inspired by remarkable masters in their field, including André Breton (literature), Salvador Dalí (painting) and Luis Buñuel (cinema).

About his art, he says, “My painting, at this point, is a summary that abstracts all of the above.”

His painting talent comes into view on Sept. 2 when his exhibition “Asymmetric Reports III” opens at La Antigua’s Hotel Casa Santo Domingo Artist’s Room.

Mendel Samayoa


Asymmetric Reports strings together more than 25 evocative, emblematic and hauntingly strong images that by definition seemingly fail to correspond to one another. “Briefcase” (above) brings to mind, perhaps, an almost robotic existence, a slippery walk on glimmering ice, brief flashes of color against a drab existence.

“Poder” could speak to the isolation of power, brought on by a rise to the top of a stairway where one stands alone.

Mendel Samayoa


The dark figures in “Cisma” adrift against a backdrop of thick golden colors provide an artistic expression of the title as defined by the word, “A split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.”

Mendel Samayoa


Samayoa’s work has been viewed extensively both at home in Guatemala at multiple art galleries as well as the Galería Kilómetro Cero, Palacio Nacional de la Cultura by invitation of the Ministerio de Cultura Nacional (July/August 2016). In 2017 he exhibited at the Center Cultural Sampedrano, San Pedro Sula, Honduras (February/March 2017) and The Other Art Fair at Victoria House, London, England (April 2017).

You can meet the artist on the evening of the inauguration at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, and there will be other opportunities for a tour/discussion with the artist throughout the month (dates to be announced).

Mark you calendar for early next year to catch Samayoa’s exhibit “Asymmetric Reports IV” at Casa Noj, Quetzaltenango, Jan. 13 – Feb. 13. He will also exhibit at Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena, Guatemala City (dates pending).

To view more of his work, visit his online catalog at
and his webpage,

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