Photo Gallery of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Antigua Guatemala

Throughout Guatemala and Central America children dress in typical clothing paying homage to Our Lady of Guadalupe. One such procession begins at La Merced Church at 3pm in Antigua Guatemala. Typical food for sale outside the church of La Merced located at the north end of Calle del Arco in La Antigua Guatemala.

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The Devil Gets His Due

Burning of the Devil in Antigua Guatemala by Nelo Mijangos -

All year long he hides under the bed or in the junk piled up in the corner, casting misfortune or worse on helpless mortals. But on Wednesday, December 7, at 6 p.m. sharp, the Devil gets his comeuppance, as he is tossed out of the house along with the trash and set ablaze in the Quema del Diablo (Burning of […]

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Which Sense?

Poinsettias are native to Mesoamerica (Rudy Girón)

Holidays in Guatemala bring overwhelming input to all five senses, even more than any other time of the year. So which sense should we highlight for December? The dazzling sunlight, velvety nights, brilliant colors of holiday decorations, lush plants in every color, give evidence that the sense of sight is primary. Deep red pascuas, poinsettias to the gringos; golden bougainvillea […]

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Photo Gallery: XI Carrera de las Charolas

Photo Gallery: XI Carrera de las Charolas by Nelo Mijangos

Hoy se realizo la XI Carrera de las Charolas, esta actividad es organizada por los Restaurantes de La Fonda de la Calle Real con la intensión de unir a todo el gremio de bares y restaurantes, así como también celebrar el aniversario de Las Fondas. Este año se encuentran celebrando su 37 aniversario. La carrera ya se ha vuelto una […]

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Halloween Night in Antigua Guatemala

Halloween Night in Antigua Guatemala by Nelo Mijangos

Here’s a photographic gallery of Halloween Night in Antigua Guatemala at the different venues and at Calle del Arco where locals and visitors alike dressed up in costumes. There were many people that came from Guatemala City and abroad, the streets were filled with trick-a-treaters who were having a great time on the streets of Antigua Guatemala or one of […]

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Ballet Guatemala en La Antigua Guatemala

Ballet Guatemala en La Antigua Guatemala by Nelo Mijangos

El sábado por la noche La Antigua Guatemala fue el escenario perfecto para el la impresionante presentación del Ballet de Guatemala. El Comité Socio Cultural de La Antigua Guatemala con motivo de celebrar un año más del nombramiento de “Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad” otorgado a la ciudad por la UNESCO. El ballet realizó dos presentaciones, la segunda fue una […]

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Inauguration of works by Zachary Zimmerman at Mesón Panza Verde

Inauguration of works by Zachary Zimmerman at Mesón Panza Verde by Nelo Mijangos

On Wednesday 12 at 5pm Panza Verde held the inauguration of works by Zachary Zimmerman. You can visit Mesón Panza Verde (tel: 7832-2925), 5a av. sur #19, La Antigua to look at the paintings of Mr. Zimmerman.

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Presentation of the book “Sin Límites” by Andrea Cardona

Presentation of the book "Sin Límites" by Andrea Cardona (photo by Nelo Mijangos)

“Sin Límites” or “Without Limits” is the title of the book presented by Andrea Cardona after two years of working on it where she presents the life lessons she learned on her way to climb Mount Everest; thus becoming the first Central American woman to do so. This book is not just for climbers, but for anyone trying overcome obstacles […]

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Inauguration of “Escenarios Legítimos” Exhibition at The French Alliance in Guatemala City

Inauguration of "Escenarios Legítimos" Exhibition at The French Alliance by Nelo Mijangos

Mario Santizo, Regina José Galindo, Luis Molina y Álvaro Arrivillaga, Clara de Tezanos, Angélica Sánchez y Miguel Ávila presentaron una exposición colectiva titulada “Escenarios Legítimos” en la que construyen escenarios que despliegan una serie de cuestionamientos que se posan irreverentes ante la lentre crítica del espectador, haciéndole ver o quizás recalcándole la ambivalencia de lo que se toma por cotidiano. […]

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FOTO30 Photo Festival Inauguration

FOTO30 Photo Festival Inauguration by Nelo Mijangos

The Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española in Antigua Guatemala was the place where the FOTO30 Photo Festival was inaugurated with an exposition by photographer Rodrigo Adb entitled “Fotografías 2003-2012” which shows his work in Guatemala spotlighting the power relationships he has found in the country. The exhibit will be open until October 28. El Centro de Formación de […]

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Photo Gallery of Vicente Fernández Farewell Concert in Guatemala

Photo Gallery of Vicente Fernández Farewell Concert in Guatemala by Nelo Mijangos

Vicente Fernández el charro mexicano y mejor exponente de la música ranchera está realizando su gira de despedida, para retirarse de los escenarios y escogió a Guatemala entre los países a los cuales deseaba despedir. “no les pido que me recuerden, les pido que no me olviden” El cantante mexicano tiene 72 años he inicio su carrera en 1967 produciendo […]

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Candy-Apple Red

Candy-Apple Red

The proud owner of a candy-apple-red 1970s Camaro can sometimes be spotted cruising zones nine and ten of the Big City, but most Guatemalan car paint isn’t quite so flashy. However, that deep metallic candy-apple paint, with a transparent coat setting it off, does show up in other places around the country that you can search out easily. Look into […]

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Yaxhá Lagoon and the Crocs

Croc and dragonfly (photo by Thor Janson)

There are two main gateways leading to the Mayan rainforest in the department of Petén, which forms Guatemala’s northern frontier. The main route takes you through the humid lowlands of the Motagua Valley and then north passing the magnificent Sweet River (Río Dulce), the jungle outpost of Poptún, and finally to the departmental island capital of Flores. The other, less-traveled […]

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The clean, crisp, fresh, familiar scent of pine, from long and short needles gathered and bundled to be scattered on shop and café floors, is an aroma found year-around in Guatemala businesses and homes. This month more than ever, pine forms a large part of the rich odors of the Lenten season. Before the scores of processions wind through cobbled […]

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Shake Your Booty: Carnival in Mazatenango

There is the children’s parade in the morning, the parade of carnival floats, a horse parade and the wild nocturnal adult parade.

There are special moments when the sheer exuberance and joy of the human spirit, shining so brightly, transcend all the negative forces and we find ourselves walking on air! Another in a long list of Guatemala’s best-kept secrets is the fantastic annual Carnival of Mazatenango: an event virtually unknown to those outside the Pacific Coast region. I do not recommend […]

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