Amalia’s Kitchen Delicious Moments in Nicaragua

amalia's kitchen

While my heart and soul and culinary core are deeply Guatemalan, my desire and curiosity to learn about the synergies of all Latin cultures is only natural — after all, we share so many traits. From north to south and east to west, Latin America is rich not only in culture, but in unique cuisines. Recently, I traveled to a […]

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You say Granada, I say Enchilada…

A bit of history: Granada is the oldest city in Central America, founded in 1524 by Francisco Fernández de Córdoba. Time has not been kind to the “Great Sultan,” named in honor of its Moorish namesake in Spain. The city has suffered the slings and arrows of fortune, ranging from devastating earthquakes to the likes of that infamous pirate Henry Morgan, who sacked the town in June 1665.

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