Working Together

TziminChac now operating at Lago Petén Itzá, Flores, Petén

TziminChac now operating at Lago Petén Itzá, Flores, Petén The management had a dilemma when it came time to decide where Tzimin Chac, a new tourist raft, could best operate. The raft, built on two 27-foot floats, much like a catamaran, needs calm waters in order to provide a smooth ride for its passengers. Due to strong winds, the waters […]

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A Cangrejear, Let’s Go Crabbing

It’s the beginning of the rainy season and I’m relaxing in a hammock at my favorite little beachside haunt on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. A couple of friends are sitting nearby. We’re just hanging out and talking when someone mentions something about crabs. Crabs being one of my favorite seafood delights, I perk up. “Crabs, where? What kind of […]

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Yaxhá Lagoon and the Crocs

Croc and dragonfly (photo by Thor Janson)

There are two main gateways leading to the Mayan rainforest in the department of Petén, which forms Guatemala’s northern frontier. The main route takes you through the humid lowlands of the Motagua Valley and then north passing the magnificent Sweet River (Río Dulce), the jungle outpost of Poptún, and finally to the departmental island capital of Flores. The other, less-traveled […]

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