Establishing a Business Abroad, Guatemala

Tax changes

Many U.S. expats operate their own business while living abroad. In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a foreign corporation from the standpoint of U.S. taxes. The Tax Corner by John Ohe (IRS Enrolled Agent). This is a dense topic. Therefore, we will be highlighting only the main points. Expat businesses generally fall into two categories: […]

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10 REASONS to hit the streets for Christmas fireworks in Guatemala


1. Fireworks are dangerous, that’s why it’s fun. 2. They don’t do this stuff at home. 3. Instead of Christmas in July, it’s like the 4th of July on Christmas 4. It’s been awhile since you inhaled gunpowder fumes. 5. You want to test the earplugs the airline gave you. 6. You’ll dance some crazy new steps while dodging live […]

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Natural Expressions of the Holidays, Guatemala

photos Guatemala gifts 6

They say the most treasured gifts come from nature and from the heart. Celebrating its 50th holiday season in La Antigua Guatemala, Casa de los Gigantes surrounds visitors with both. All of the handcrafted housewares, accessories, furniture and decorations in this enormous store—once a 17th century Spanish colonial home—are crafted with natural materials and whisper the stories of the hands […]

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Guatemala’s Season of Aromas


SENSUOUS GUATEMALA by Ken Veronda. The spice and smoke aromas, the sweet and pungent, hot cocoas and burned punk, fruit punches and sugary eggnogs, odors that harmonize with all we’re seeing, hearing, tasting, touching. Cedar and chocolate, cinnamon and corn, breathe deep and enjoy this holiday time of rich aromas in the air. The pungent pine needles on market floors, […]

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Guatemala Golf Course Guide


Of the estimated 55 million golfers in the world, it would be a safe bet to say that a very small percentage of them would consider Guatemala a golf destination. And yet, there are some world-class golf courses here if you just know where to look. Mayan Golf Club Recognized as the oldest golfing society in Central America, the Pamplona […]

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U.S. Foreign Residents with Businesses Abroad


U.S. Tax considerations. The Tax Corner by John Ohe (IRS Enrolled Agent). United States expats are subject to U.S. income taxes regardless of where they live and where they make their income. For those that have their own business, there are special requirements and issues to consider when it comes to tax planning and tax return preparation. In this article, […]

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New Book: Mayan Whitewater Guatemala


BOOK ALERT by Matt Bokor. “Mayan Whitewater Guatemala” by Greg Schwendinger. When it comes to watersports down Guatemala’s scenic rivers, the just-published book, “Mayan Whitewater Guatemala,” is the ultimate guide. Written by Greg Schwendinger, a computer engineer from California turned kayak explorer, the 349-page book details more than 150 rivers or sections of rivers throughout Guatemala and gauges their suitability […]

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Guatemala to Host Riverboarding World Championship


Oct. 16, 17 and 18, 2015. The Riverboarding World Championship comes to Guatemala this month, taking place on the Río Lanquín and Río Cahabón near Lanquín, Alta Verapaz. Lanquín is well known for the nearby Semuc Champey formation of turquoise pools and limestone bridges, but it is also highly regarded for good whitewater by those have explored the area by […]

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Saving for Retirement in Guatemala


U.S. Tax considerations. The Tax Corner by John Ohe.  Living abroad, many U.S. expats give too little thought to saving for retirement. Some basic financial planning is absolutely critical, and helps to avoid the unenviable position of reaching retirement age without sufficient funds. The purpose of this article is to provide food for thought and encouragement to consider the following […]

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Impact Hub: Antigua’s New Space for Synergy


text and photos by Linda Conard. Many people dream of working from a home office in beautiful La Antigua Guatemala, but the reality isn’t always so dream-like. Telecommuters often deal with spotty Internet coverage, distractions, isolation and a “home” that starts to feel like “work.” Even working from local restaurants and cafés has its drawbacks. Michelle Berkowitz Sultan, founder of […]

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Alzheimer care facility in Guatemala


Alzheimer’s disease affects some 50 million people worldwide. This number will almost double every 20 years, reaching 74.7 million in 2030 and 131.5 million in 2050. Every 67 seconds a new victim is diagnosed. Dr. Alois Alzheimer first identified the symptoms over a century ago, and yet despite tremendous investments in research, neither a prevention nor a cure has been […]

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La Antigua Guatemala has become THE wedding destination for Central America!

photos by José Pablo Martínez

by Elizabeth Bell, author/historian November heralds weddings in La Antigua and guests come from all over the world to celebrate. Antigueños recently founded Asociación Destino Antigua to provide better service and to promote the city’s tourism. Due to the continual increase in the wedding segment, they have helped co-found the Honeymoon and Wedding Guild through the Chamber of Tourism. Guatemala’s finest […]

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Ayuda – for the Health of Dogs and Cats in Guatemala


Interview by Susanne Kennedy.   Though homeless, sick, injured or starving dogs and puppies are still conspicuous in villages surrounding Lake Atitlán, the situation has been greatly improved by the tireless efforts of Selaine d’Ambrosi and her animal welfare organization Ayuda Para La Salud De Perros y Gatos. She explained how Ayuda helps these dogs and puppies as we walked […]

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Owning Real Estate while Living Abroad

Many U.S. Citizens are aware of the $250,000 ($500,000 if married filing jointly) exclusion on the gain from a sale of a home in a qualifying transaction. The following general requirements must be met to qualify for the exclusion: You must have owned and occupied the home as a principal residence for at least two out of five years prior […]

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Sensuous Guatemala: TILE

by Ken Veronda No, not floor or wall tiles, nor mosaics. Not bath tiles or tiles used for games. Tiles can be of ceramic, stone, metal, glass. Not these. I’m talking roof tiles, the Spanish Mission or barrel tile with the curved surface, an old idea brought here by the European conquerors who started making them with local clays, fired […]

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Profile: Elena Tujal Cocón

by Jan Theberge  photo: Amber Eastman. Fresh organic produce available every Saturday — Elena Tujal Cocón has been selling her organically grown vegetables for more than three years on the patio at Fernando’s Café in La Antigua Guatemala. You can find her there every Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., standing behind a table heaped with a beautiful assortment […]

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Upgrading the Basics in Guatemala

New facilities

Rotary International spearheads improvement projects in Sumpango’s elementary schools. Community Service (text/photos by Tono Valdés M.) — Guatemala’s Sur Rotary Club has taken on several projects of great benefit to communities throughout Guatemala. Under a new model called Future Vision, Rotary International has concentrated its efforts in the town of Sumpango, aiming to create a development model that can be […]

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Education First

A Safe Passage for Children in Guatemala City’s Basurero Neigborhood by Benjamin Reeves Guatemala City’s zona 3 includes the basurero, the city’s dump. Though there is no official census, an estimated 7,000 people, which according to local residents includes approximately 1,000 children, work in the basurero picking through trash to find plastic and metal that can be sold to recyclers. […]

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Asisclo Valladares

Guatemalan Ambassador to the U.K. There’s not a cocktail bar in Central London that doesn’t stock Ron Zacapa, an English Starbucks that isn’t preparing to launch a “Guatemala cappuccino” or a high-end British supermarket that doesn’t sell petit-pois straight from the country’s Highlands, according to Guatemalan Embassy staff in the U.K. Outside the U.S., Guatemala’s biggest export market is Great […]

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Follow Your HEART

Aortic Valve Replacement in Guatemala City Text/Photos by Lori Shea Sit quietly, breathe deeply, meditate inward, and appreciate the rhythm of your heartbeat. The thumping sound you hear is the mitral and aortic valves of your heart opening and closing to allow your blood to flow like a river of healing energy. Every day, the heart pumps about 2,000 gallons, […]

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Tom enjoyed the color, sound, taste, touch and smell of Guatemala on his first visit last year, but suggests we’re missing one more important sense. Tom’s an artist from Atlanta, delighted by all he encountered here, but especially pleased to uncover a sense of timelessness in Guatemala. Meanwhile, historian Elizabeth Bell’s mother came back to her home in La Antigua […]

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Studying Archaeology in Guatemala

The search is on for student funding at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala by Tomas Cernikovsky Famous for its breathtaking Mayan ruins, Guatemala has “great archaeological potential” for future studies, scholars say, but university tuition is beyond the reach of many potential archaeology students, especially those from indigenous families. That’s why leaders of the Archaeology Department at the Universidad […]

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Flowering of the National Tree

The ceiba tree is the national tree of Guatemala and was the sacred World Tree of the Mayan civilization. There are two species of ceiba tree in Guatemala; Ceiba pentandra is the national tree. The primary feature of the ceiba tree that the Maya noticed and copied was the conical spines. It is known by most Mayanists that the decorative […]

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Inauguración del XII Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz

Cada dos años la Fundación Paiz organiza un festival de arte y cultura en la ciudad de La Antigua Guatemala. Este es el XII festival y la inauguración se realizó en la Plaza Mayor (parque central) con la presentación de la Orquesta de Bob Porter y el grupo Malacates Trébol Shop. Asistentes de todas las edades pudieron presenciar este evento […]

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Voca People at Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz

They are out of this world! This month the XII Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz—La Nueva Era features VocaPeople who will be performing in La Antigua Guatemala on Sat., Feb. 2 and Sun., Feb. 3, both performances at 7 p.m., La Ermita de la Santa Cruz. Following is an offbeat interview with Lior Kalfo, creator and director of VocaPeople: Tell […]

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Fair Trade Christmas Gifts

by Julie Potvin Lajoie From Dec. 7 to Dec. 9 the third edition of the Feria Nacional de Comercio Justo y Solidario will be held in La Antigua Guatemala. Within the walls of the Centro de Formación y de la Cooperación Española, more than 30 groups of artisans, skilled in everything from textile and agricultural products to woodwork and crafts, […]

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Baskets of Love

Sending holiday cheer and warm wishes this Navidad season with culinary delights The holidays are a time for family and loved ones; it’s a time to take a few moments, sit around a table, preferably sans iPhones, with a glass of wine or hot spirits, chatting about the events of the year past and exciting times for the coming year. […]

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