Flowers of Guatemala, Winners of the Revue Photo Contest May 2019

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There was no shortage of subjects for this month’s Photo Contest “Flowers of Guatemala.” Here are the results in both categories, Popular Vote (most “likes”) and Winners by Editorial Decision. The sponsor of our monthly photo contests Antigua Hotel Solutions is awarding to the winning photographer of 1st Place by Editorial Decision a FREE NIGHT FOR 2 at the Hotel Posada Don Valentino in La […]

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An “A” for Zinnia

An "A" for Zinnia

They’re all over the country this season, their bright colors in markets, gardens, on tables and along roadsides. And they belong here, more than we do. Zinnias are native, a kind of sunflower, related to daisies, native through Central America and Mexico and up into the Southwestern United States. They’re officially zinnia americanas, according to the German master botanist Zinn, […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, May 2017 “Flowers of Guatemala”

flowers of Guatemala

WINNERS BY POPULAR VOTE WINNERS BY EDITORIAL DECISION A special thanks to all the participating photographers — lots of pretty flowers to choose from! The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the May, 2017 issue of Revue.  You can see all of the submissions at

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Dragon Fruit, the Nighttime Fragrance

Pitayas are one of the climbing cactaceas, named after its habit to use trees as a physical support. Pitaya (pitahaya) is a night-blooming epiphytic cactus, which is common throughout Guatemala and surrounding countries. Many hotels in La Antigua Guatemala and around Lake Atitlán, El Remate and Tikal have pitaya and/or their relatives blooming over the summer. For example, hundreds of […]

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Flowers in Mayan Art

Flowers are part of Mayan decoration, outfits and rituals. Kings wear flowers in the headdress. In addition to being purely decorative, flowers have deep meaning in Mayan religion and folklore. Especially between the 3rd and 9th century AD, perhaps a dozen different flower species are depicted in Classic Mayan murals and in art on funerary ceramics. For many years I […]

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