Hugs not Walls: Reuniting the Children by Mark D. Walker

Hugs not Walls: Reuniting the Children

A sign hanging in the Anapra neighborhood of Juárez, Mexico, translates to “Hugs Not Walls.” (Brittny Mejia / Los Angeles Times) The separation of children from their families on the U.S. border has created one of the saddest and most contentious issues of an already complicated debate about immigration into the United States. The existing frenzied political debate and false […]

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Justice & Responsibility: The Plight of the Immigrants from Central America

Justice & Responsibility

Migrant Caravans,” made up of large groups of children and adults from the Northern Triangle of Central America, heading to our border to seek safety and a better life is problematic, both for those coming and for those waiting for their arrival in the U.S. The influx of undocumented immigrants has reached a ten-year high, with 66,450 entering recently, according […]

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The River, the Wall, and the Borderlands

The River, the Wall and the Borderlands

A first-generation American’s search for answers along his country’s greatest divide. On an unseasonably warm February afternoon, Austin Alvarado pushed his canoe into the winding waters of the Río Grande. Steadying the boat with his paddle as he had so many times before, the 25-year-old wilderness guide looked over his shoulder and locked eyes with a familiar face. His mother, […]

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