“Children in Guatemala” Winners of the REVUE Photo Contest December 2020

REVUE Photo Contest December

Winners of this month’s Photo Contest, Children in Guatemala Here are the results of this month’s contest in both categories, Popular Vote (most “likes”) and Winners by Editorial Decision. For obvious reasons, our sponsors cannot participate this month, so prizes are basically bragging rights.  You can see all of the great photographs at fb.Revuemagazine/ChildreninGuatemala Here are the winning photographs… ————————————————————————————————- […]

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The Antigua International School Celebrates a Milestone

The Antigua International School

Think Critically, Act Ethically, Serve Others. Arturo and José Pablo stood up slowly and faced their classmates. The class had gathered comfortably in a circle, strewn on the couches and beanbags in the library. The boys leaned over to the computer to start the video they had produced, “1954 Coup D’etat: Death of the Guatemalan Spring.” As the video played, […]

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Education in Guatemala Happy Teacher’s Day -June 25th-

Education in Guatemala Happy Teacher’s Day

Teachers have a particularly difficult job in Guatemala as few resources are allotted to public schools. In theory, education is free and compulsory through sixth grade. Books, busing and uniforms are not free and result in higher drop out levels. Today, about 4 million children are enrolled out of a total population of 15.8 million people. Education in colonial times […]

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Música en Las Aldeas

Classical Music Education for Antigua’s Children by Benjamin Patrick Reeves La Antigua Guatemala does not have a premier institution for providing musical education to children, but Carolina Palomo aims to change that with the opening of a new, non-profit music school, Musica en Las Aldeas. “For 12 years [children] don’t receive any art classes in the public schools,” Palomo said. […]

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Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala

Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala partners with Mayan villages in the remote northwest corner of the country, where there are virtually no public services, secondary schools or other aid organizations providing consistent support. At the urging of village leaders, AAV focuses primarily on orphans and the children of widows who have few resources to support their families. Mission: To empower the Mayan […]

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