House Sitting


How to get a house sitting gig in Antigua or anywhere by Akaisha and Billy Kaderli Those of us who live in La Antigua Guatemala know its splendid offerings: photo opportunities everywhere, Mayan culture, great weather, international restaurants, music, amicable residents and natural beauty. Still, on occasion one might want to go to the beach or travel to visit family […]

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Motorcycle Rides for Charity

MayaStrada Full of rolling hills, volcanoes and natural wonders to explore, Guatemala draws in many kinds of travelers to experience its culture, cuisine and beauty. The traditional way for travelers to get around has been by tourist shuttle or camionetta (bus). Now, MayaStrada Motorcycle Charity Rides is offering a new way to experience the Guatemalan countryside, while helping the very […]

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Termales De Santa Teresa

text/photos by Lena Johannessen

EL SALVADOR GETAWAY Just minutes from Ahuachapan in western El Salvador, right across the border from Guatemala, lie the amazing thermal waters and spa of Santa Teresa. Named after the farm of the same name, the hotel and soon-to-be restaurant are clustered around a series of thermal pools with temperatures ranging from lukewarm to tingling hot. Several cabins are located […]

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La Casa De Cervantes

by Julie Potvin, Asesora en Comercializacíon/Conseillere en Commercialisation CECI

Written by. Julie Potvin An oasis of literature in Guatemala City’s Historical Center Just behind the Palacio del Gobierno, in Guatemala City’s zone 1, on 5a calle at the corner of 5a avenida, art meets literature under the roof of a cultural center that promotes fair trade, as well as a more inclusive and sustainable economy for Guatemalan society. Since […]

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A Cangrejear, Let’s Go Crabbing

By Tara Tiedemann

It’s the beginning of the rainy season and I’m relaxing in a hammock at my favorite little beachside haunt on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. A couple of friends are sitting nearby. We’re just hanging out and talking when someone mentions something about crabs. Crabs being one of my favorite seafood delights, I perk up. “Crabs, where? What kind of […]

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Outdoor Education

text/photos by Axel Aburez

Written by. Axel Aburez Antigua’s team-building workshops add fun and adventure To walk on a steel cable strung among treetops 10 meters high was the challenge for the day. The adrenaline, the spirit of “I can” and the stunning view of the Panchoy Valley were elements of the event held by CasaSito and its allied organizations to strengthen relations among […]

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Where Quetzaltrekkers Dare

Text and photos by Robin Canfield

Written By. Robin Canfield I’d like to blame the altitude; I don’t think I’ve ever wheezed so much in my life as I did on my recent trek in the Western Guatemalan mountains. It’s not as if I was trailing behind the group —I usually kept up quite well. And when I was trailing, it was because my film-crew partner […]

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When Giants Roamed The Land

Octavio Alvarado (rt.) has become the enthusiastic caretaker of the  Chivacabé Mammoth site, near Huehuetenango, which now has a small museum.

FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS AGO We were in the middle of one of the Earth’s cool periods. Ice and snow covered much of the land. Massive glaciers grew to blanket vast expanses of South and North America. The highlands of Central America were a winter wonderland, where mastodon and megatherium frolicked. So much water was locked up in the ice that […]

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Guatemala´s Exotic Pacific Coast

Stone carving at  Tak’alik Ab’aj

Tak’alik Ab’aj and Retalhuleu As we find ourselves right in the midst of this important year for the Mayan cosmovision 2012, one of the most intriguing Mayan archeological sites that can’t be missed is Tak’alik Ab’aj, recently nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. This amazing historical treasure, situated not far from the coastal town of Retalhuleu, […]

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A Perfect Combination Of A Cultural And Natural Experience

Site of the  Royal Palace

Aguateca Written by. Helana Oswald If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track destination where you can visit an ancient Mayan city and experience nature, Aguateca, “the Sun-Faced Mountain,” might be the place. Located in the jungle atop a low limestone hill on the banks of Lake Petexbatún, it is well preserved and features an impressive natural chasm that is a must […]

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Refugio del Quetzal

A birder’s delight, this Highlands sanctuary is home to an avian roster of more than 70 species A hidden gem of the Western Highlands, the Refugio del Quetzal (Quetzal Refuge) is an 8,000-square-kilometer sea of green that’s one of the few remaining habitats for Guatemala’s national symbol. Owned and managed by the nearby municipality of San Rafael Pie de la […]

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Monterrico listed among world’s “10 Best Beach Destinations”

Monterrico listed among world’s 10 Best Beach Destinations (photo by Mario Meaulieu -

With its black-sand beaches, powerful waves and sea turtle nesting grounds, Monterrico has been ranked among the 10 Best Beach Destinations in the World by Yahoo Travel. Guatemala’s quaint, south coast community joins the ranks of Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawaii; Hahei Beach, New Zealand; and Sanur Beach, Bali, in Yahoo’s global hit list of beaches to visit in 2011. “When it […]

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Up the Carretera a El Salvador in a Gullwing

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe

written by Eduardo Linares Batres More than a quarter of a century ago, a pal of mine lucked into acquiring a Mercedes-Benz classic, a used-but-babied 300SL “Gullwing.” To say that this is one of the all-time, absolute greatest cars ever made is, in my opinion, an understatement. When it was introduced around 1952-3, it was as an all-out race car […]

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El Remate

Lake Petén Itza by Harris and Goller

A quiet place to stay for a El Petén adventure Halfway between Flores and Tikal, El Remate is a quaint, centrally located community within easy reach of breathtaking ruins, mysterious caves, birdwatching, swimming and more. Nestled along the eastern shore of Lago Petén Itzá, El Remate provides a variety of lodging and dining choices, plus scenic vistas of the lake […]

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A Walking Tour of “Old” Panajachel

Panajachel is firstly a walking city. If you drive in it, you soon tire of the paucity of two-way streets. And every rocky contour of those streets registers on the pant-seat of every chicken-bus rider. Tuktuks look fun, until you actually ride in one. And much of Pana is not overly bike-friendly. So, unless pogo sticks catch on, feet remain the preferred vehicle.

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Chilascó’s Hidden Treasure, Guatemala

text and photos by Anthony Brindisi At 133 meters, the majestic Salto de Chilascó is Central America’s tallest waterfall Guatemala is a country brimming with cultural diversity and natural beauty. It is proudly referred to as “The Soul of the Earth,” and every year between one and two million tourists flock to this multicultural, remarkably topographic, fascinatingly biodiverse land to […]

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Night of the Fire Balls

written by Brent Holmes photos: Winston Scott Festival of the Patron Saint San Antonio Senahú, Alta Verapaz Pretty wild stuff it was that December night of fireballs at the festival of the Patron Saint San Antonio, Senahú. The game is kind of like “dodge ball” except the balls are on fire, like a couple of street gangs facing off, throwing […]

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