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Written by. Axel Aburez

Antigua’s team-building workshops add fun and adventure

To walk on a steel cable strung among treetops 10 meters high was the challenge for the day. The adrenaline, the spirit of “I can” and the stunning view of the Panchoy Valley were elements of the event held by CasaSito and its allied organizations to strengthen relations among them.

text/photos by Axel Aburez Balambe@balambe.com

text/photos by Axel Aburez Balambe@balambe.com

The challenge course and the team-building workshops provided by BALAMBE at its facilities outside La Antigua Guatemala were ideal ways to integrate the various entities.

After a brief introduction and ice-breaking activities, the workshop started with the low-ropes course, executed on a set of cables 30 centimeters above ground. Leaders from participating organizations—Los Patojos, Semilla de Esperanza y Amor, EducArte, Brillo de Sol and CasaSito—explored and developed their abilities on leadership, communication, thinking outside
the box and the importance of teamwork; and all in an atmosphere of camaraderie, joy and nature.
After snacks, the group faced the greatest challenge of the day, the high-rope course, a circuit of activities that connects four sturdy pine trees at 10 meters above ground, which added some degree of difficulty to the event. Among cheers and a festive ambience, the team was able to make the exciting journey through the course, with assistance from facilitators and team members. The result was an increase in the participants’ self-esteem, their ability to break paradigms and recognize that through the help of team members, bigger goals can be achieved in order to serve their communities better.

Learning teamwork through action

Learning teamwork through action

Alice Lee, CasaSito’s director, said about the workshop: “We hope that through the event, the directors or teachers can understand how important it is to work in team, to know each one’s weakness and the strength, and make good use of it; and also to overcome one’s fear and the capacity to ask for help and to trust your co-workers. But it is also a social event that directors and teachers from different associations can meet and enjoy one morning together in a different environment than work.”

To get all the benefits of a challenge course, BALAMBE works under international safety standards. Construction, equipment and processes have been certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technologies. Workshops are tailored to the objectives of each organization to ensure the desired results in terms of training, fun and safety.

The new challenge course is located just 800 meters from Cerro de la Cruz in Antigua. Organizations, families, volunteers and tourists can take advantage of it to improve the performance of their businesses, NGOs, educational establishments, holiday gatherings and conventions, or simply as a fun adventure. You can get more information at Balambe.com or ventas1@balambe.com, Tel. 5007-8181.

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