La Casa De Cervantes

Written by. Julie Potvin

An oasis of literature in Guatemala City’s Historical Center

Just behind the Palacio del Gobierno, in Guatemala City’s zone 1, on 5a calle at the corner of 5a avenida, art meets literature under the roof of a cultural center that promotes fair trade, as well as a more inclusive and sustainable economy for Guatemalan society.

 by Julie Potvin, Asesora en Comercializacíon/Conseillere en Commercialisation CECI

by Julie Potvin, Asesora en Comercializacíon/Conseillere en Commercialisation CECI

Since opening in 2004 in a beautiful colonial building, La Casa de Cervantes has expanded to include a bookshop, coffee shop and fair-trade boutique. It’s a great place for social and cultural events or just to enjoy a great cup of (fair-trade) coffee.

Activities and services that take place in La Casa de Cervantes are conducted under the same philosophy of solidarity. All the products that are served here respect fair-trade principles, and a portion of proceeds from all exhibitions and events go to the center to help fulfill its mission:

“To be an ideal meeting place for cultural expression and for the improvement of quality of life in our society.”

La Casa de Cervantes works in partnership with the Comisión Interinstitucional de Comercio Justo y Solidario de Guatemala to achieve greater public awareness about an economy that values and respects the work and the rights of artisans. To quote Don Quixote: Many fights can be won and unattainable goals achieved.

If you haven’t had a chance to discover this wonderful spot, you’ll enjoy a visit, in person or online at

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  • Catherine Todd

    This is a great article, and so inspiring! We need to do something like this in Panajachel for all the artisans around Lake Atitlan. Interested parties contact me at CatherineTodd2 at gmail. I love stories like this in the Revue… otherwise we would never know about any of these worthy and worthwhile endeavors. God bless and thank you!

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