Amalia’s Kitchen – Boosting Flavor while cutting Calories

Amalia's Kitchen

The healthier eating trend is stronger than ever in the United States. Native and African Americans and Hispanics are at the top of the risk group for Type 2 diabetes in America, according to the American Diabetes Association. This trend will have a ripple effect on neighboring countries in the coming years, as chronic diseases related to poor eating habits […]

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Lobster Fest 2017

Now that the rainy season has officially arrived in Guatemala, a trip to the beach for an island party may sound like a nice escape. Why not check out neighboring Belize and plan your trip around a lively and delicious June tradition – the Lobster Fest. Three towns in Belize take part in Lobster Fest: San Pedro (Ambergris Caye), Caye […]

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The Ark of Compassion through Music and Medical Services

The Ark of Compassion through Music

In 2016 the Ark of Compassion brought a group of talented high school musicians to San Andres, Guatemala to participate in its program “Empowerment Training in Guatemala.” During the ten-day trip, it donated instruments and the student teachers taught trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet and violin to local children. The result, the San Andres Semetabaj Youth Orchestra is now a reality. […]

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Don’t Call Me María

mayan textile

AFEDES is fighting through the Guatemalan constitutional courts to have Mayan cloth recognized as intellectual property of the Maya people and receive fair market compensation. For indigenous Maya women in Guatemala the clothes on their backs are sacred texts of their way of life. They tell a story of spirit and war, the heritage of an ancient people invaded by […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, June 2017 “Students of Guatemala”

photo contest

WINNERS BY POPULAR VOTE WINNERS BY EDITORIAL DECISION A special thanks to all the participating photographers — there are some future movers and shakers among these students! The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the June, 2017 issue of Revue.  You can see all of the submissions at

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Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena

Museo Ixchel

The Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena (Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Costumes) celebrates the Month of Museums. When you think of Guatemala, one of the first things that comes to mind is color—and what better represents its colors than the rich textile traditions of this country? Visitors often ask me: “Do you know where I can find those beautiful textiles I […]

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Please Recycle

please recycle

Attention Sacatepéquez residents, “Please Recycle.” Now there is a small recycling center, five minutes from central La Antigua Guatemala, 100 yards past the bridge as you come into San Pedro las Huertas, on the left side of the street, just past the gated community San Pedro el Alto. Recicladora San Pedro de las Huertas is run by Familia López. They […]

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Meet the Antigua Guatemala Fútbol Club

Antigua Guatemala Fútbol Club

The Antigua Guatemala Fútbol Club brings professional soccer matches with the nation’s top players to a local venue. As I walked into the sunny soccer/fútbol stadium at Estadio Pensativo in La Antigua Guatemala, the first thing that hit me was the warm and safe family ambience: the sound of marimba music, fans happily eating mouth-watering snacks and enjoying shaved-ice fruit […]

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Amalia’s Kitchen Delicious Moments in Nicaragua

amalia's kitchen

While my heart and soul and culinary core are deeply Guatemalan, my desire and curiosity to learn about the synergies of all Latin cultures is only natural — after all, we share so many traits. From north to south and east to west, Latin America is rich not only in culture, but in unique cuisines. Recently, I traveled to a […]

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The Good Hotel Antigua

good hotel antigua

The Good Hotel Antigua demonstrates how premium hospitality and doing good for the local community can go together.   I am so excited to tell this success story. In 2012 when I first heard about it, Good Hotel Antigua was of those utopian dreams that sounded both totally exciting and practically impossible with its ambitious goals. In September 2016 this […]

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Handmade Boots in Pastores Guatemala

handmade boots

Pastores is the go-to place in Guatemala for handmade boots. Visiting Pastores to look for boots, I met with Alicia López, director of an English-language program for local kids. López and her students also offer free tours of the town, which has dozens of shops turning out handmade boots and leather goods. López’s English students have uncovered an extraordinary nugget […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, May 2017 “Flowers of Guatemala”

flowers of Guatemala

WINNERS BY POPULAR VOTE WINNERS BY EDITORIAL DECISION A special thanks to all the participating photographers — lots of pretty flowers to choose from! The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the May, 2017 issue of Revue.  You can see all of the submissions at

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Holy Week Procession Route Maps 2017

Procession route map

CLICK HERE for Procession Route Maps of 5 major Semana Santa (Holy Week) events. Check the legend and pick the route you would like to see. (Mobile device friendly) April 9 Palm Sunday: Procession of Jesús Nazereno (La Reseña), from La Merced Church. Palm Sunday / Domingo de Ramos Leaves at 11am — Returns at 11pm Passes La Antigua Central […]

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ALDEA Celebrates 50 Years


For 50 years, ALDEA has partnered with indigenous Guatemalans to strengthen communities and enhance the health and well-being of families. This year we are celebrating the profound and lasting legacy in Guatemala of Dr. Carroll Behrhorst, a U.S. doctor from Kansas, affectionately called “Doc” by those who knew him. —Sue Patterson Celebrating 50 Years of Dr. Carroll Behrhorst’s Legacy in […]

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Traditions During Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala

holy week

Lent and Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala are full of century-old traditions. The first processions were held when the Spanish arrived in Guatemala in the 1520s and became very popular throughout the city’s history. When all of the processional sculptures were moved to Guatemala City in 1773 with the capital’s inhabitants, Antigua was able to bring “new” century- old […]

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Guatemala style cuisine for neophytes


BOOK ALERT: “El Poyo, la Piedra y el Nixtamal: Cocina al estilo de Guatemala para neófitos.” New cookbook that explains Guatemala-style cuisine for neophytes. When author Carole Wilson was a child, she spent hours in her grandmother’s kitchen. While the house was ultramodern for the time, her grandmother insisted on having a poyo, an old-fashioned, masonry, wood and charcoal burning stove. […]

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The Procession of Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada


This year The Procession of Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada de Santa Ana will occur on Sunday, March 26. Despite thousands of visitors from around the world who descend upon La Antigua Guatemala for Lent or Cuaresma each year, I don’t think I will ever tire of its pageantry or elaborate celebrations. To be sure, the crowds during Semana Santa […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, April 2017 “Semana Santa in Guatemala”

semana santa

Winners by Popular Vote Winners by Editorial Decision Thank you to all the participating photographers — there were so many great images! The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the April, 2017 issue of Revue.  You can see all of the submissions at

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Rivers at Risk in Guatemala

rivers at risk

Across the northern indigenous hinterlands of Guatemala people are up in arms. You may have heard about it. They are up in arms over the companies involved in damming and mining—particularly hydroelectric projects; over their questionable business practices; deficit of environmental concern; and lack of respect for community well-being and consent, putting rivers at risk. Incidents both positive and negative […]

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Antigua Green School

Antigua Green School

Antigua Green School individually tracks each student’s progress and adapts its teaching style to them. Every parent the world over wants the best education for his or her children. And Guatemala is no different. Ensuring the best education they can is most parents’ main priority so as to provide their children with the greatest chance of success. And having a […]

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BOOK ALERT Los Nawales: The Ancient Ones

Los Nawales

Los Nawales: The Ancient Ones Merchants, Wives and Lovers: The Creation Story of Maximón by Vincent Stanzione Storytelling is a traditional art form that has existed since the beginning of time. All societies pass down stories from one generation to the next using various mediums, including folktales, myths, rituals and artifacts. Stories illuminate the essential nature of a culture, how […]

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Lead-Up Workshops with Horses

Lead-Up Guatemala

Lead-Up leads the way helping at-risk youth in Guatemala and around the world, creating peaceful leaders through workshops with horses. It isn’t until you meet and speak with some of Guatemala’s most vulnerable youth that you actually begin to understand the impact that a program like Lead-Up International has on their lives. Beyond poverty, physical and sexual violence are major […]

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A Contemporary Urban Experience in Antigua

A Contemporary Urban Experience

A Contemporary Urban Experience combining theater, art and dining, comes to El Sitio in La Antigua Guatemala the weekends of Feb. 17-19 and Feb. 24-26. This ambitious undertaking, conceived by Gavin Kern and presented by the Antigua Theater Club and Angeline Events, pairs a performance of the comedy Bakersfield Mist with contemporary art in temporary, pop-up venues. “I hope that […]

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