AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Family, Love and Guatemalan Chocolate

Guatemalan chocolate

I surely had a blast this past holiday season with family and friends visiting me for two weeks from Guatemala and Denmark. As we move into the New Year, and Valentine’s Day (día del Cariño) on the 14th, I want to share a dessert recipe that I made for them during their visit. I created classic chocolate-covered strawberries as an […]

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Labor of Love — Iyom Chona Rax

Guatemala midwife

“I’ve delivered six generations of children. I didn’t count exactly but the number is around 2,000 babies.” The towering portrait of midwife Doña Chona Rax near the Santiago dock in San Pedro La Laguna is remarkable not only for its artistic beauty, but also for the vitality and strength that radiate from its subject. Canal Cultural, the artist collective that […]

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Niños De Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala

Working to break the cycle of poverty and empower local communities around La Antigua Guatemala. Marten Dressen, his sister Annemiek Dressen and their friend Sander founded Niños De Guatemala (NDG) in 2006, in collaboration with Carmen Paniagua, a resident of La Antigua Guatemala. Working to break the cycle of poverty and empower local communities around La Antigua Guatemala, the NGO now […]

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Trekking the Cuchumatanes


There is a saying among well-traveled foreigners in Guatemala: Todo es posible aquí, y nada es seguro (All is possible here, and nothing is for certain). The Maya people, of course, know all about uncertainty. As a novelist, I have recounted of some terrible events that happened throughout the Cuchumatanes Mountains during the 1980s, and often wondered if time would […]

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Equilibrio – Destination El Salvador


Feb. 18-22  Tickets $120-$170 More info: La Tortuga Verde, El Cuco, El Salvador Festival season in Central America has officially started with the arrival of thousands of southbound winter travelers. Arriving from Europe, Canada and the U.S., many of the visitors will be stopping at Envision, a 5,000-person, four-day fest in Costa Rica in March. Although many other festivals […]

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La Antigua Resident Bob Graham’s Commitment to Economic Justice

Bob Graham

In 1973 Bob Graham visited Guatemala on a Kellogg Foundation Fellowship. He was struck by the tragic circumstances endured by so many Guatemalans, especially rural Mayas. He promised himself that one day if he could, he would help people in similar situations with both resources and money. Bob grew up in a middle class Midwestern family in the U.S. After […]

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BOOK ALERT: Xocomil, The Winds of Atitlán


A novel by David Mohrmann. “Xocomil” (show-coh-MEEL) spans what most historians term the Guatemalan Civil War. That, unfortunately, does not begin to describe how it was experienced by the oppressed indigenous Mayas. The novel begins and ends at Lake Atitlán. It travels from traditional Mayan villages through the war-torn mountains of Guatemala; from cornfields in Kansas through the jungles of […]

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REVUE PHOTO CONTEST, March 2016: Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Guatemala

holy week guatemala

We invite you to participate in our MONTHLY PHOTO CONTEST for March 2016 with the theme “HOLY WEEK in Guatemala.” Please send ONE (1) HIGH RESOLUTION photo with caption/location and your name & website for the credit line to: There will be prizes for winning photos including Q200 for first place in both categories. Submissions entered by the 12th […]

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Guatemalan Chocolate, a Sweet Love Affair

Guatemalan chocolate

For chocolate lovers, Guatemala is a sweet place to be on Valentine’s Day. This is especially true if you visit La Antigua Guatemala, where chocoholics can indulge in so many delightful ways. Luscious chocolate bars, exquisite truffles and liquor-filled bonbons are but a few of the beautiful chocolate concoctions that are available at the many artisanal sweet shops scattered throughout […]

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13th Annual Photo Issue, Guatemala. Part 2

Guatemala photo image

Welcome to part 2 of our 13th Annual Photo Issue. We bring you beautiful, amusing, interesting and touching images of Guatemala from many talented photographers. Our thanks to these dedicated shutterbugs for sharing their precious moments in time. We hope you enjoy the photos and find the Revue useful in your travels around this exceptional country.

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13th Annual Photo Issue, Guatemala. Part 1

Welcome to our 13th Annual Photo Issue. With the dawning of 2016 we bring you beautiful, amusing, interesting and touching images of Guatemala from many talented photographers. Our thanks to these dedicated shutterbugs for sharing their precious moments in time. We hope you enjoy the photos and find the Revue useful in your travels around this exceptional country. Stay tuned for […]

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Key Tax Changes for 2016

Tax changes

With the New Year underway, we’d like to take this opportunity to review the important tax changes impacting U.S. expats living around the world. The Tax Corner  by John Ohe (IRS Enrolled Agent). 3 Extra Days to File Tax Return Normally, U.S. tax returns are due April 15—before penalties and interest begin to accrue. However, the deadline this year is […]

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AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Latin Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Delights

Latin gluten free food

Guatemalan and Latin cuisine offer many suggestions for making traditional dishes in healthy ways without compromising flavor and quality. My food philosophy is practical and healthy. I grew up eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean proteins, unprocessed foods and healthy oils, such as canola and olive oil. Some Guatemalan cooking uses lard, but my grandmother avoided it […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, Feb. 2016: Friends & Lovers in Guatemala

"Explorando con amigos" by David Rojas. Prize Q200

Winners by Popular Vote Winners by Editorial Decision A big thanks to all the participating photographers. The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the February, 2016 issue of Revue. You can see all of the submissions of the Feb. Photo Contest HERE — and for next month… stay tuned  

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Guatemala’s Caravan of the Fox

Guatemala Caravan of the Foxes

An extraordinary, world-class event occurs every February in the mountains of Chiquimula, Guatemala, making Esquipulas one of the Earth’s major pilgrimage sites, rivaling Mecca, Vatican City and the Ganges River. I arrived in Esquipulas on Thursday evening, Feb. 7. The little town was quieter than I had ever seen. No bustling crowds, no throngs of pilgrims lining up to file through […]

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The Birth of a Camioneta (Public Bus), Guatemala

Guatemala bus

From school bus, to auction house, to workshop, to workhorse. For most people, the birthing process starts in the quiet, sterile, environment of a delivery room. For a camioneta, it starts in the noisy chaos of an auction room deep in the United States. U.S. school buses are typically sold when they reach 10 years old or 150,000 miles. The […]

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Guatemala’s Magical Classroom


The nonprofit group Let’s Be Ready developed ‘Aula Mágica’ (Magical Classroom) to bring vital preschool education to remote regions of Guatemala. Every morning, teens walk mountain roads in rural Guatemala carrying magic in their backpacks. When they reach their destinations—community centers, churches, homes—they’re greeted by excited preschoolers who scramble into a circle, eager for the fun to begin. The teens pull […]

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RAMÓN ÁVILA Art Exhibition, La Antigua Guatemala

Ramon Avila art

Master artist Ramón Ávila is a prolific painter, engraver, draftsman and sculptor who has maintained his momentum throughout the 52 years he has been living in Guatemala and influencing others with his work. The references that analyze his legacy outline its importance. They are many, and they have been made by distinguished analysts and critics. Hence each exhibit, whether of […]

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Crafting Clay Pottery in Tutuapa, Guatemala


Food tastes better when it is cooked in a clay pot, everyone agrees. While today enamel and aluminum cookware is found in most kitchens, many cooks still have a clay pot or two for their special dish. Before synthetic materials were available, clay pots, in many shapes and sizes, were the only option. Pottery has a long tradition in Guatemala, […]

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AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Wholesome Resolutions (recipes included)

Wholesome burger with fries

New Year’s resolutions come in many ways and forms. Mine usually include sticking to healthy cooking and eating habits for health and well being. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be bland, difficult, or boring. Guatemalan cuisine, like other cuisines, has its own distinct cooking techniques. Today people are more aware about food than ever as the sharing of information has […]

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Establishing a Business Abroad, Guatemala

Tax changes

Many U.S. expats operate their own business while living abroad. In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a foreign corporation from the standpoint of U.S. taxes. The Tax Corner by John Ohe (IRS Enrolled Agent). This is a dense topic. Therefore, we will be highlighting only the main points. Expat businesses generally fall into two categories: […]

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Why You Should Hike a Guatemalan Volcano in Your Lifetime


For adventurous travelers, climbing a volcano is high on the to-do list. The appeal is both visceral and aesthetic. Depending on which one you choose to ascend, you will experience a palpable sense of risk and/or be rewarded by scenes of otherworldly natural beauty. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in Guatemala, where the highest and most active volcanoes […]

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Música en las Aldeas / Music in the Villages


This time last year Rafa had problems reading and writing and had stopped attending school. Now his literary skills have improved, he is reading music and back in class—all thanks to his classes at Musica en las Aldeas. As Rafa, 9, says, “I love playing piano. I like the sound of making my own music and I love coming here.” […]

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Wild Cats of the Middle Realm, Central America

Jaguar Guatemala

The Biogeographical Realm of Middle America stretches from the Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the north around to southern Panama. This narrow land bridge, which joins the two regions, has been the major dispersal route for species moving north and south, most often as the result of climate change caused by major ice ages and the relatively short, warmer inter-glacial […]

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10 REASONS to hit the streets for Christmas fireworks in Guatemala


1. Fireworks are dangerous, that’s why it’s fun. 2. They don’t do this stuff at home. 3. Instead of Christmas in July, it’s like the 4th of July on Christmas 4. It’s been awhile since you inhaled gunpowder fumes. 5. You want to test the earplugs the airline gave you. 6. You’ll dance some crazy new steps while dodging live […]

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Putting Santa Cruz la Laguna on the Tourist Map

Santa Cruz la Laguna

CECAP – Centro de Capacitación (Training Center). High on a mountainside, overlooking majestic Lake Atitlán and her three volcanoes, sits beautiful Santa Cruz la Laguna. A small village accessible only by boat, Santa Cruz was previously known only for its scattering of restaurants and hotels on the lakeshore, and many visitors felt no reason to climb the steep hill to […]

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Natural Expressions of the Holidays, Guatemala

photos Guatemala gifts 6

They say the most treasured gifts come from nature and from the heart. Celebrating its 50th holiday season in La Antigua Guatemala, Casa de los Gigantes surrounds visitors with both. All of the handcrafted housewares, accessories, furniture and decorations in this enormous store—once a 17th century Spanish colonial home—are crafted with natural materials and whisper the stories of the hands […]

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SERES — Education for Sustainable Development, Guatemala

photo Guatemala sustainable education

SERES, a movement started seven years ago in Guatemala and El Salvador by Australian engineer and passionate change maker, Corrina Grace, has been awarded the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development. Corrina and SERES leadership facilitator, Abigail Quic, were invited to Paris to receive the prize on behalf of over 2,000 youth and young adults between 15 and 25. […]

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The Festival of Santo Tomás in Chichicastenango, Guatemala


  It was Sunday, Dec. 21, as I headed out for yet another adventure to the magical Mayan village of Chichicastenango set in the western Highlands of Guatemala. On Thursdays and Sundays, the native K’iche’ Maya turn this remote mountain village into one of the world’s most famous markets. Today, however, was particularly special because it was the culmination of […]

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AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Festive Desserts for the Holidays from Guatemala

Desserts Guatemala

When you have a sweet tooth, Guatemala has plenty of options to offer, from decadent desserts to lighter, fruit-based treats. I must admit that I have a weakness for some sweets made either with fresh fruits or dark chocolate. While growing up in Guatemala, I got used to this because my mother and grandmother rarely made heavy desserts. When I […]

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