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Adventure, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. For some, nothing less than hiking an active volcano will do, while others find adventure in getting a great deal while shopping in the mercado and learning a bit more about another culture. Whatever is on your list of to-do adventures, you can pursue many of them in Guatemala. So no surprise, in this month’s issue of Revue the Photo Contest theme is Adventures in Guatemala and we received some great images that we happily share.

REVUE Photo Contest June 2022

1st Place Popular Vote “La magia del Amanecer” Mirador Rostro Maya, San Juan la Laguna, Lago de Atitlán by Luis Andrade

Paradise in the Clouds of Quiché is an eye-opening article by Philip D. Tanimoto, Ph.D. focusing on a remote mountain called Cerro Amay. His non-profit group and many others have been toiling to maintain the ecosystem of this virgin cloud forest and its residents of Quetzals and monkeys and the thousands of limestone caves.

In the Cool-places-to-go Department, you should think about visiting Las Conchas Waterfalls, one of the hidden treasures of Alta Verapaz. Dearly departed intrepid explorer and photographer Thor Janson gives us an inside look at this marvel of nature.

Contributing Writer Mark D. Walker introduces us to poet Earl Vincent de Berge and his wife Suzanne. Allegro to Guatemala; An Expatriate Journey Through the Land of Eternal Springs gives us some insight from a poets point of view.

Thanks for reading and have the best June you possibly can.

John and Terry Kovich Biskovich, Publishers

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  • John Prybot

    The prominant Guatemala of international tourist appeal with its compelling scenic attraction is definitely not my personal Guatemala 🇬🇹 of concentration. I know it’s the Guatemala that draws people to it but it’s not my own Guatemala. John Prybot, RPCV Guatemala 🇬🇹 1970 -1978 (San Pedro La Laguna, Depto Solola’)

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