Elizabeth Bell receives Orden Diego de Porres award

The Orden Diego de Porres – Gold Award – was awarded to Elizabeth Bell at Capuchinas by the Consejo Nacional Para la Proteccion de La Antigua Guatemala on December 1st. The following is the speech she gave following the presentation. Autoridades eclestiásticas y civiles, Miembros del Consejo Nacional para la Protección de la Antigua Guatemala, Conservador de La Ciudad, y […]

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Elizabeth Bell receives the gold “Orden Diego de Porres” Award

Elizabeth Bell

Dec. 2, 2011 — Elizabeth Bell was honored in a lovely ceremony last night at Capuchinas where she received the highest award given by the Consejo. The gold Orden Diego de Porres was awarded to her for “her untiring work over many years in allowing people to know La Antigua Guatemala through her multiple books and lectures and constant activities […]

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