Música en las Aldeas / Music in the Villages


This time last year Rafa had problems reading and writing and had stopped attending school. Now his literary skills have improved, he is reading music and back in class—all thanks to his classes at Musica en las Aldeas. As Rafa, 9, says, “I love playing piano. I like the sound of making my own music and I love coming here.” […]

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Putting Santa Cruz la Laguna on the Tourist Map

Santa Cruz la Laguna

CECAP – Centro de Capacitación (Training Center). High on a mountainside, overlooking majestic Lake Atitlán and her three volcanoes, sits beautiful Santa Cruz la Laguna. A small village accessible only by boat, Santa Cruz was previously known only for its scattering of restaurants and hotels on the lakeshore, and many visitors felt no reason to climb the steep hill to […]

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SERES — Education for Sustainable Development, Guatemala

photo Guatemala sustainable education

SERES, a movement started seven years ago in Guatemala and El Salvador by Australian engineer and passionate change maker, Corrina Grace, has been awarded the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development. Corrina and SERES leadership facilitator, Abigail Quic, were invited to Paris to receive the prize on behalf of over 2,000 youth and young adults between 15 and 25. […]

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Antigua Street Dogs – Making a difference

antigua guatemala street dogs

Original submission by By Dr. Dennys Marroquín and Amber Eastman (photos: Eduardo Montepeque) When visitors and tourists come to our beautiful city they are often disheartened by the large number of homeless dogs they see on the streets, many suffering from extreme malnourishment, injury, skin disease, and abandonment. It can be utterly heartbreaking to witness and feel so compelled yet unable […]

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Agua Para Todos — Water for Everyone

Water for everyone, Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala. An Antigua restaurant’s initiative is gaining several positive comments on social media. Luna de Miel is giving Ecofiltro purified water to any person who passes in front of the restaurant. We invite all restaurants to do the same, and be part of the positive change that Antigua needs. It will help the environment by using less plastic […]

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Antigua International School Inaugurates New Campus


Last Saturday (Nov. 7, 2015) hundreds of parents, children, teachers, administrators, and guests celebrated the opening of the new campus of AIS (Antigua International School). First there was an interactive tour of the campus with classroom demonstrations and participatory opportunities including a quick marimba lesson for anyone interested. After that there were a few short speeches, some entertainment provided by […]

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Release of the Macaws


Dateline: Guatemala, October 5, 2015 The offspring of rescued parrots, nine scarlet macaws were recently freed into the wild by the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (ARCAS), marking the first release of the endangered birds in Guatemala. The nine were freed Oct. 5 in the Sierra Lacandón National Park in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in northern Petén with the objective […]

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EDUCATION Antigua International School


Challenging students to cultivate a love of learning. Schools serve as model homes, as a place where learning and community coexist, a place where children strive for academic success while developing their personal growth in a supportive environment. How does the Antigua International School offer a quality education that encourages students to push past boundaries, to think outside of the […]

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Coffee Brews an Education in Guatemala

Every Kcup is weighed before being packed into the box

ARIMA – Community Service. Mission statement: Arima delivers limited editions of extraordinary, specialty grade coffee. We believe in openness and honesty to create a premium and socially responsible coffee brand. Arima always and only works the best single-origin 100 percent arabica strictly hard beans (SHB). We visit every coffee estate to ensure quality and establish a long-term relationship with producers. […]

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Comfort Ahoy: Guatemala

Comfort Heart: A girl listens to her own heartbeat during a medical checkup at Complejo Deportivo de Puerto Barrios. (u.s. army photo by PFC. Tomarius Roberts)

Hospital Ship provides assistance to thousands. by Matt Bokor. A hospital ship from the U.S. Navy brought free medical, veterinary, engineering and humanitarian help to thousands of Guatemalans during a recent nine-day deployment to Puerto Barrios. Personnel from the USNS Comfort provided dental, visual, pediatric and general medical services to more than 10,000 Guatemalans at two onshore medical sites in […]

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It Does Take a Village

Project manager greeting workers at site of water distribution tank.

Building a community at the grassroots level.  text / photos by Kerstin Sabene.  Implementing change, even when it’s meant to reduce health and social disparity, can be challenging. No one understands this better than Ignacio Ochoa, director of the Nahual Foundation, a think tank by and for indigenous people of the Americas, based in La Antigua Guatemala. Ochoa, who has […]

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Fuel Efficient Cooking

With her new stove that she helped co-design, Margarita saves Q1,200 every month.

New stove reflects what rural cooks want. CONSERVATION  by Matt Bokor  photos courtesy of Soluciones Apropiadas. By enlisting the cooks in the design stage, an inventive new company has developed a super-efficient, wood-burning stove that incorporates age-old methods of cooking tortillas. Although other initiatives have achieved positive results from safe, fuel-efficient stoves for rural households, Soluciones Apropiadas found that the clean- […]

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Women’s Initiative for Justice


COMMUNITY SERVICE by Matt Bokor. Thanks to the Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI), hundreds of rural, indigenous women in Guatemala are learning that they too have rights. Elena, for example, is now one of only a few women in her community who has legal title to her land. Magda, who married at age 15 to escape abuse by both parents, is a […]

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Adopte un Kilómetro!

by Elizabeth Bell, author/historian. At the end of a year in the late 1990s La Antigua Guatemala was full of street trash and potholes, and many of us complained to the mayor. Victor Hugo del Pozo kindly advised that the city had no funds. We sent a “spy” over to the treasury to, indeed, find that the meager budget in those […]

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Aj Tikonel Kab’ — Harvester of Honey, Guatemala

Beekeeper Genaro Cuj inspects the frames

Apiculture by Linda Conard photos: Pueblo a Pueblo Beekeepers On a hot, humid Sunday morning nine men and women beekeepers hiked the slopes Lake Atitlán’s Volcán Tolimán to tend small boxes quietly buzzing in a forest clearing. Wearing a veil, jacket, and gloves over her traditional huipil and skirt, Felipa Ajcalon Sajquiy, president of the Pampojila beekeeping association, stands by […]

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Upgrading the Basics in Guatemala

New facilities

Rotary International spearheads improvement projects in Sumpango’s elementary schools. Community Service (text/photos by Tono Valdés M.) — Guatemala’s Sur Rotary Club has taken on several projects of great benefit to communities throughout Guatemala. Under a new model called Future Vision, Rotary International has concentrated its efforts in the town of Sumpango, aiming to create a development model that can be […]

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Clowns “Invade” Local AIDS Orphanage

Community Service. text/photo by Benjamin Reeves. Doctor Hunter Dogherty “Patch” Adams in the house There are few phrases more depressing to hear than, “AIDS orphanage.” Yet the Hospicio de San José in Santa Lucía Milpas Altas is anything but a place of sadness, although it is the home for many acutely ill children and adults. The hospicio was established in […]

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Education First

A Safe Passage for Children in Guatemala City’s Basurero Neigborhood by Benjamin Reeves Guatemala City’s zona 3 includes the basurero, the city’s dump. Though there is no official census, an estimated 7,000 people, which according to local residents includes approximately 1,000 children, work in the basurero picking through trash to find plastic and metal that can be sold to recyclers. […]

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Música en Las Aldeas

Classical Music Education for Antigua’s Children by Benjamin Patrick Reeves La Antigua Guatemala does not have a premier institution for providing musical education to children, but Carolina Palomo aims to change that with the opening of a new, non-profit music school, Musica en Las Aldeas. “For 12 years [children] don’t receive any art classes in the public schools,” Palomo said. […]

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Sailing Away

A group of future sailors learn the craft through hands-on experience.

by Linda Conard Sharing a passion for boating with the next generation of sailors In a workshop in land-locked La Antigua Guatemala, a mile above sea level, boat builders Jean Vayssier and Pierre Turlin, and their team of Guatemalan artisans, are handcrafting sailboats to exacting standards. Their workshop, which looks like a small plane hangar, is filled with the aroma […]

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Rescuing Rosie

Happy and healthy Rosie (photo by César Tián)

by Kathy Jo Robbert The chestnut mare floats in her paddock, performing a perfect passage, an advanced dressage movement performed under a rider. But this mare does it all on her own. With her diagonal legs working in perfect synchronization, lifting higher, higher, the mare celebrates the freedom of being who she is. For the first time in a long […]

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WINGS Re-Structured

Direct Services Coordinator Patty Medina speaks to men at a community charla in Alta Verapaz.

The new program is launched in Alta Verapaz The statistics regarding family planning and gender equality in Guatemala are astounding. According to Janeen Simon, executive director of WINGS, the country ranks third in Central America for the highest birth rates in adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 19. The poorest 20 percent of women in Guatemala have an […]

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Painting the Future

Ayúdame a Pintar Mi Futuro teaches kids more than just art by Revue Staff In 2008 brothers José and Henry Méndez Chavajay, Maya Tz’utujil painters from San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlán, found out that the children who were visiting their gallery—watching them paint and wanting to learn how themselves—were fatherless, and that their mothers were struggling to raise them […]

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Thirst Quencher

Ecofiltro has been using ceramic pot filtration technology to bring clean water to the rural poor on a mass scale since 2009 What started out 30 years ago with a man named Fernando, directing artisans working potter wheels in the small town of Rabinal in Alta Verapaz, has resulted in a worldwide water Revolution. There are approximately one million families […]

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Learning to Cook – Cooking to Learn

Bright futures ahead for students at KIDS Restaurant In my past life as a New Yorker, anytime a new buzzed-about restaurant or food adventure hit the street, I would trip over myself to see what the fuss was all about. I collected menus and matchbooks just as one might do by collecting stamps in a passport, using them to remember […]

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Youth Leadership

Seres works with young people to help instill environmental awareness and create future leaders In the small pueblo of Chimaltenango a group of young people from across Guatemala and neighboring El Salvador gathers for a four-day youth leadership congress, organized by the NGO SERES. In a scene that could be mistaken for an acrobatics class, they discuss how in teams […]

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Gallery of the Talk by Los Patojos Crew

With the support of Proyecto os Patojos there was the first talk with Los Patojos Crew where the members and leader of this group, Bboy Ángel, Bboy Andres Reyes and Bboy Chocho shared with the audience about their experiences and the great influence that break dance has with the teenagers as health tools to build peace. The audience had the […]

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