16 Appealing Appetizers

Shrimp Cocktail

Cheese Poker a tart made from four Italian cheeses: mascarpone, gorgonzola, ricotta and parmesan; on walnut bread, green apples, blackberry sauce with the aroma of raspberry vinegar. —El Pescador Italiano Nachos Supreme double cheese and guacamole, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo. —Fridas Baked Jalapeño Peppers filled with melted cream cheese and bacon. —La Canoa Dedos de Pollo strips of […]

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8 Delectable Desserts

Flan antigüeño (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Banoffee Pie sweet honey biscuit base covered in a thick layer of caramel and slices of fresh banana, topped with a generous helping of fluffy cream, dusted with chocolate powder. —Rainbow Café White Chocolate Ice Cream topped with blackberry sauce. —Welten Capuccino Pie dark espresso folded into whipped cream, piled into a cookie-crumb crust. —Café Condesa Merengue a la Crema […]

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8 Breakout Beverages


Coconut Lemonade a blended concoction of coconut, lemonade and spices… with or without a double shot of rum. —La Peña de Sol Latino Krishna Milk a blend of hot milk, honey, vanilla and a fresh banana. —Rainbow Café Café Glacé a delicious combination of ice cream and expresso topped with cinnamon. —Doña Luisa Xicotencatl Basilico tequila, basil, sugar, lime juice, […]

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70 plus 30 Years of Mayan Culture

Photographs by Jeffrey Jay Foxx

written by J. Claire Odland Curating a double show like this is a double joy: Here are glimpses of two great, archival collections on view through April in the Gallery at Indigo Artes. This show, 70 plus 30 Years of Mayan Culture, represents selections from 70 years of Mayan textiles and 30 years of Mayan photographs from the hands of […]

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Nuestros Ángeles

Rae Frese Leeth; Una norteamericana con corazón chapín por Guillermo Monsanto photos by Ange Bourda Al escribir una nota sobre Rae Leeth se hace difícil separar lo emotivo de lo profesional. Por un lado cuenta el desfile de amigos que conforman el rico universo que la rodea y por el otro el enjambre de artistas que tiene o ha tenido […]

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Market Management

Irma and Alma at Irma’s stall in the mercado

written by Dianne Carofino photos by George Carofino No visitor to La Antigua—no matter for how short or long a stay— has savored the flavor of the city without a visit to the local mercado, with its stalls of colorful and sometimes unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, all separated by narrow, crowded aisles. It can be an enticing but bewildering experience. […]

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El Teatro Escolar en Antigua

written by Paloma Pérez-Templado, director El Teatro Escolar en Antigua works to promote art and culture by encouraging and exposing young people to creativity and artistic sensitivity. In March 2007 artist Pacho Toralla and his company Robalunas performed Calle Luna for the inauguration of the Teatro Escolar in La Antigua Guatemala. One hundred and thirty students from the Colonial Bilingüe […]

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Playa El Tunco

written by Roxana Revolone photos: Lena Johannessen No longer in the shadow of its more-famous neighbors Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, El Salvador is now positioning itself on the tourist map as a more-than-attractive destination. The internationally recognized Lonely Planet list of “10 Best Tourist Destinations in the Word of 2010” includes, for the first time, this tiny Central American country […]

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April 2010 in Revue Magazine

Story time photo by Jeffrey Jay Foxx

Our cover this month features the work of internationally renowned ethnographic photographer Jeffrey Jay Foxx. More of his beautiful photos can be viewed in the DateBook Highlight by J. Claire Odland on the upcoming exhibition 70 plus 30 Years of Mayan Culture. The exhibition also features textiles from the Hank duFlon collection. Other photographers gracing our pages this month include […]

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8 Vegetarian Dishes

Hector's Quiche (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Grilled Veggie Wrap veggies slightly grilled with olive oil, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with lettuce, avocado & cheese —Las Palmas Gratin de Portobello Portobello mushrooms au gratin with Créme Royal and goat cheese, vegetables and rice —Mesón Panza Verde Vegetable Soup, Everything we found at the market except the goldfish. Served with cheese and avocado. —Café No Sé […]

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8 Pleasing Pastas

Fetuccini Al Fruti di Mare (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Fettuccini with shrimp and crabmeat served with a delicious white sauce and garlic bread —Posada de Don Rodrigo Ragú de la Abuelita with spaghetti, beef, tomato sauce, herbs and white wine —El Sabor del Tiempo Ravioles de Salmón ravioles stuffed with salmon —La Casserole Espaguetti Marinara Calamari, chopped tomato, onions, basil and olive oil —Personajes Pasta del Día daily menu […]

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8 Savory Sandwiches

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Leonardo Da Veggie garlic/herb cream cheese, avocado, onion, sweet peppers, tomato and cucumber —Bagel Barn Carnívoro delicious seasoned beef fillet grilled and smothered with melted cheese and fried onions —La Sin Ventura Restaurant Panino Mar y Montaña salsa panza verde, cheese, Italian salami, olive oil and anchovies —Caffé Opera Monte Cristo with turkey breast, ham and swiss cheese and house […]

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Holy Week 2010, Antigua Main Processions — Semana Santa

March 28 — Palm Sunday, 11am: Procession of Jesús Nazareno from La Merced Church. March 29 — Holy Monday: Holy Vigil of Jesús Nazareno de La Merced, La Merced Church. March 30 — Holy Tuesday: Holy Vigil of Jesús Nazareno del Perdón, San Francisco El Grande Church. March 31 — Holy Wednesday: Holy Vigil of Señor Sepultado, Escuela de Cristo […]

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El Tesoro de El Calvario

El Tesoro de El Calvario

Patrimonio de La Antigua Guatemala This book was produced in order to promote the rescue and appreciation of the Ermita de El Calvario at La Antigua Guatemala. It is dedicated to Santo Hermano Pedro who lived in the Ermita and was canonized in July 2002. Spanish language, 156 pages, color plus black and white photographs, fully indexed; cover water color […]

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International Women’s Day

Threads dry in the sun after application of natural dyes

Thirteen Threads (www.thirteenthreads.org), a Maya women’s educational program based in Panajachel, is putting on its first International Women’s Day event. Representatives from each of its 22 participating Maya women’s groups will display their weavings and natural products. There will be live music, talks by indigenous women leaders, a mini-workshop on natural dyeing of fibers, free yoga class, a raffle with […]

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March 2010 in Revue Magazine

Cucurucho by Iván Castro/ivancastroguatemala.blogspot.com

Though this is a Revue anniversary issue, to keep things in perspective, the cover Cucurucho by Iván Castro symbolizes the incredible grandeur of Holy Week in Guatemala. But even before there were religious processions and celebrations, Joy Houston takes us back in time to Turning Points. The year was 1541 and “thatched-roof shelters went up all over in Santiago de […]

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8 Bountiful Breakfast in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemalan Breakfast (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Bohemian Breakfast — two eggs, country potatoes and bacon scramble, served with a toasted bagel and your choice of a cigarette or a multivitamin at Bagel Barn (inside front cover) Típico Panchoy — eggs ranchero, refried beans, sausage or ham, white cheese, fried plantains, cream, orange juice, bread or tortillas, coffee or tea at Café Panchoy (page 73) Pancakes Andrés […]

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The American Society of Guatemala

written by Ralph Anske The American Society of Guatemala (ASG) was founded on June 14, 1960 by a group of American citizens residing in Guatemala. The society was created to provide a focal point to strengthen community ties and provide an institution to represent the interests of its members. It helps them contribute in situations where citizens of the United […]

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First Vintage

Chateau DeFay

A rewarding excursion to Guatemala’s first winery to produce wine from locally-grown grapes since colonial times text and photos by Ira Lewis Hidden behind a coffee finca on the lower slopes of volcano El Agua is the first winery to produce wine from Guatemalan-grown grapes since colonial times: Chateau DeFay. Jacques and Angie DeFay recently presented their first vintage after […]

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