August 2011 in Revue Magazine

Revue Magazine August 2011If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the Fotokids NGO could fill a library with its successes. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, Fotokids was founded in 1991 by photojournalist Nancy McGirr with the aim of using photography to break the cycle of poverty for the children of the Guatemala City dump.

From six students using three cheap plastic cameras, Fotokids has since given new perspectives and hope to hundreds of young people.

In this month’s cover story, Anna-Claire Bevan details Fotokids’ origins, challenges and successes, and we have numerous photos by the Fotokids students throughout the magazine. Congratulations, Nancy!

From Lake Atitlan, Dwight Wayne Coop chronicles a fish tale gone awry. The story dates back to 1958 when big-mouth bass were introduced to the lake and details the ensuing ecological breakdown.

For amazing nature photos, check out conservationist Thor Janson’s account of his trip deep into the Gallon Jug Rainforest of Belize, where he encountered an array of wildlife.

On a lighter note, we learn how two businessmen in La Antigua plotted to capture a most-wanted fugitive to reel in a million-dollar bounty. The scheme was a bust; U.S. authorities finally arrested the suspect in June.

We also have stories about the Santiaguito lava dome of the Western Highlands and INGUAT’s plan to increase Guatemala tourism, as well as two book alerts and a comprehensive list of cultural activities and special events in DateBook. Enjoy!

—Matt Bokor


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