Viaventure donates bus to Global Visionaries

Viaventure donates bus to Global Visionaries

Many years ago, Viaventure purchased a school bus and had it driven down to Guatemala from the United States by two staff members. The bus was never used to the extent that had been anticipated by the La Antigua-based tour operator; it remained parked for long periods of time.

During a recent conversation with friends from Global Visionaries, the idea came up to turn the bus into an environmental and educational unit, with a focus on reforestation. Viaventure directors agreed to donate the bus, which now is undergoing a makeover for its new role.

Global Visionaries is a non-profit NGO, which has been building schools and planting trees for the last 15 years in Antigua Guatemala, and the Viaventure Foundation has been supporting its cause for many years.

—Kevin García, Viaventure

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