“Virgen de la O” Procession on Christmas Day

"Virgen de la O" Procession on Christmas Day

In the afternoon on Christmas Day the procession Virgen de la O departs from Escuela de Cristo Church and winds its way through the streets of La Antigua. The Procession carries the pregnant Virgin Mary eight days before the birth of Jesus. This is the reason she carries a very small image of Baby Jesus on her chest. The name […]

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The Procession of Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada


This year The Procession of Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada de Santa Ana will occur on Sunday, March 31. Despite thousands of visitors from around the world who descend upon La Antigua Guatemala for Lent or Cuaresma each year, I don’t think I will ever tire of its pageantry or elaborate celebrations. To be sure, the crowds during Semana Santa […]

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The procession of Jesús Nazareno de la Caída de San Bartolomé Becerra

Semana Santa Guatemala

5th Sunday of Lent. March 13, leaves at 6am, returns at midnight. Passes Antigua’s Central Park at 4:30pm. For the online mobile interactive 2016 PROCESSION ROUTE click here. A day of pageantry and devotion. I remember waking at the stroke of 6 last year on the fifth Sunday of Lent in San Bartolo, a charming suburb of La Antigua Guatemala where I was […]

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What is the procession on April 25?

Trying to keep up with La Antigua’s processions can be a job in itself. Some are celebrated every year … but then there is the occasional “anniversary” procession that may seem to come out of the blue! One procession we can count on is Santo Hermano Pedro Day on Sunday, April 25. Hermano Pedro is buried at San Francisco Church […]

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