Traveling in Tandem with a Chapina – Mark D. Walker

Traveling in Tandem with a Chapina

Traveling in Tandem with a Chapina – Yin & Yang of Travel Series Share our similarities, celebrate our differences. —M. Scott Peck Our Honeymoon Journey Through Mexico You might think that my plans for the honeymoon with my Guatemalan bride, Ligia, would have revolved around staying at one of the elegant hotels located in the colonial capital of La Antigua Guatemala, […]

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Life after Fuego Volcano Eruption in Guatemala

fuego guatemala

From the roof of the house where I am staying I can see two volcanoes — Agua and Fuego (side by side with the inert volcano Acatenango). They are the giants that dominate the local landscape, and often seen in picture-perfect postcard images, especially the dormant Agua, located approximately 3 to 6 miles from the city of La Antigua Guatemala. On June […]

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The Dragons of Ixlu: Dragonfly Watching in Guatemala

Dragonfly watchers are known to insiders as “Oding” enthusiasts. No other insect is as agile and quick as are these miniature helicopters. They can fly in six different directions. One scientist clocked a particular type of dragonfly flying at 90 kilometers per hour, making them the fastest of all insects! And just as is the case with bird watching, you […]

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Trekking the Cuchumatanes

There is a saying among well-traveled foreigners in Guatemala: Todo es posible aquí, y nada es seguro (All is possible here, and nothing is for certain). The Maya people, of course, know all about uncertainty. As a novelist, I have recounted of some terrible events that happened throughout the Cuchumatanes Mountains during the 1980s, and often wondered if time would […]

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San Cristóbal de las Casas

If Copán is a quarter-sized version of La Antigua Guatemala, San Cristóbal de las Casas, one of the few remaining colonial gems of Mexico (founded in 1528) is Antigua times three. And, whereas the good people of Antigua seem to revere their city’s signs of age, in San Cristóbal, they have painted, patched and applied mascara. The inner center of the city is designed for walking, shopping and eating, with several streets closed to cars.

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Spectacular, Accessible Iximché Beckons

From Kings to Conquerors, and Proconsuls to Presidents—all have trod here, leaving something and taking something. Most travelers whiz through Tecpán at white-knuckling speed on their way to Lake Atitlán or Quetzaltenango. Some slow down a bit to admire the towering thatches of the Katok and Kape Paulinos restaurants, which form a pastoral skyline. Still others stop for gas or […]

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