Alternative Energy: the New Normal

Alternative energy such as solar panels and windmills are no longer cutting edge.

written by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa Industrialized countries enjoy a wide variety of technology and conveniences. From washing machines to microwaves, we have grown dependent upon our appliances. We depend upon petroleum-based transportation and consume tons of plastics each year. Entire infrastructures, especially food production and delivery industries, are based upon petroleum products. A large portion of household […]

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Technology: Servant or Master?

Sri & Kira

No matter where you reside, your life is now technology driven. Technology that was intended to liberate us, to provide more free time and productivity, has over the decades, enslaved us. In recent history, the change started 120 years ago with the development of factory production lines and electric appliances. The introduction of automobiles and technologies such as refrigeration has […]

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