What Are You Building Today?

by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa.

The sun rises over Guatemala and the day begins as possibilities unfold. This is a unique opportunity to be the architect of your day.

“Tanque de San Juan Ostuncalco ” by  Jose Manuel del Busto

“Tanque de San Juan Ostuncalco ” by
Jose Manuel del Busto

Guatemala is referred to as the Land of Eternal Spring for good reason: Spring brings birth and renewal. Spring is the gift that comes after the winter and when the bounty of our patience offers us renewal and the sense of new beginnings.

There is a wonderful sense of opportunity as you notice the beauty that surrounds you — the colonial architecture with a backdrop of the volcanoes combined with vivid colors and smiles of passers-by as they begin their daily routine.

When the building blocks of our day come forward there can be the contrasting routine that dismisses these choices and settles for the mundane. Or, you can consciously choose to be the architect of your life and set into motion a limitless journey of creation through the choices that are yours to make.

Consider that each day brings a fresh pallet of colors from which you are painting your life. Select from the bounty of places, people and experiences. Dive into those you want to enjoy. From there you quickly discover you are cultivating the energy of your personal eternal spring.

Regardless of whether your day is limited by obligations or a sense of duty, you have the ability to create through them rather than be bound to them.
Know that your life is as creative as you allow it to be.

In Guatemala we connect daily with the essence of renewal. We wit- ness the power and beauty of volcán Fuego along with myriad ruins wrought from powerful earthquakes. From the colorful walls and cobble streets, to the smells of street food, the essence of continual renewal is tangible.

Each moment is a reminder that we hold within us the ability to navigate our lives from the spaciousness and recognition that we are the architects and the engineers! It is how we apply our creative skills that births each day and ultimately our life experience.

So go ahead, right now…today…and smile as you build your day and remember that as you do, all plans can shift in the blink of an eye.

Sri and Kira have authored several books and are the owners of TOSA La Laguna.
email: office@tosaspa.com www.LakeAtitlanSpa.com

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