Lake Atitln Legends

Lake Atitlán Leyends

Besides its beauty, this enigmatic lake is surrounded by legends and folklore, some go back to the Memorial de Solol, Anales de los Cakchiqueles, an ancient chronicle about the origins of the Mayas and Cakchiqueles. In this chronicle it is explained how the lake villages were divided and how the Cakchiqueles stayed there and lived among the Tzutujiles. But trouble […]

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The Blooming of Lake Atitlán

Panajachel unites and digs with defiance In The Green Felt Jungle, the story is told of a dapper man in pinstripes who rides a Cadillac into Las Vegas one night, seeking the neonized excitement of that gilded city. But he finds little more than a dreary gas station. “Where is Las Vegas?” he asks the Navajo attendant. “Right here,” is […]

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