Together for Nature in La Antigua

Representatives from environmental organizations will meet in La Antigua Guatemala Representatives from environmental organizations and institutions of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean will meet 28-30 May in La Antigua Guatemala, to participate in IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Regional Conservation Forum for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. Created in 1948, IUCN is the world’s largest and most diverse […]

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Heart of the Forest

Corazón del Bosque (Heart of the Forest)

Showcases Mushrooms and Temescales If snack wrappers blemishing the Guatemalan countryside dishearten you, take heart. There are places you can go where litter is not only unseen, its demise is being plotted. They are snapshots of Guatemala’s glory before the modern container revolution. And, primero Dios, they are foretastes of the coming restoration of that glory. The revolution in question […]

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The Blooming of Lake Atitlán

Panajachel unites and digs with defiance In The Green Felt Jungle, the story is told of a dapper man in pinstripes who rides a Cadillac into Las Vegas one night, seeking the neonized excitement of that gilded city. But he finds little more than a dreary gas station. “Where is Las Vegas?” he asks the Navajo attendant. “Right here,” is […]

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