Vino y Cocina – Amalia’s Kitchen

Vino y Cocina Amalia´s Kitchen

Vino y Cocina with a recipe for a Guatemalan Tamarind Martini by Guatemalan Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard Despite the Spanish influence, wine has not been a popular drink in Guatemala. In the last few years, however, in connection with the foodie revolution, wine culture is developing among Guatemalans. From vinotecas (wine-tasting houses) and wine aficionados to a winery in La Antigua, […]

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First Vintage

A rewarding excursion to Guatemala’s first winery to produce wine from locally-grown grapes since colonial times text and photos by Ira Lewis Hidden behind a coffee finca on the lower slopes of volcano El Agua is the first winery to produce wine from Guatemalan-grown grapes since colonial times: Chateau DeFay. Jacques and Angie DeFay recently presented their first vintage after […]

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