Regalos de Amor

Love is in the air! Cupid’s bow is drawn and his wings are rustling. Whether the legend is the feast in honor of Juno, the goddess of women and marriage, the Roman St. Valentine, or the mating time of birds, around the globe, Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a celebration of romance. In some cultures, the Valentine’s Day festival has a much broader perspective. In Guatemala it’s known as the day of affection—el Día del Cariño—and in Mexico as love and friendship—Amor y Amistad. It’s about celebrating love in all forms, not only between sweethearts.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate love, gratitude and appreciation. It’s easy and fun to give heartfelt gifts to those we love in our inner circle. Gifts of gratitude and appreciation for those in our outer circle—teachers, maids, employees—require more thought.

All presents, regardless for whom or why, are gifts of love that come by way of the heart. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express what’s innate in our nature—to create and present manifestations of love to others. The power of the gifting side of love lies in stepping out of one’s self and giving to another human being without any expectation. Over time, this attribute has been contained through the socialization process, leading to store-bought gifts being wrapped with satin bows and presented on specific “giving” dates.

The real challenge lies in tapping into our true nature to include gifts of love to others outside of our familiar circles. This is where the creative side of love comes into play, for the greatest gifts are not found in gold boxes with bar codes, but in the heart. Leave anonymous gifts for someone to discover. For example, plant a poem, card, picture, book or flower in a public place like a bench or bus seat. These gifts are seeds for a refreshment of life and wishes for another’s happiness.

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