Amalia’s Kitchen ¡Viva la Tortilla!

Amalia's Kitchen ¡Viva la Tortilla!

A great way to enhance any menu is to include the versatile and delicious tortilla. The corn tortilla dates back to pre-Columbian times and continues to make culinary history as it passes from generation to generation. As the “bread” of the southern region of North America (Mexico, Guatemala, and other Central American countries), it is a unifying force that feeds […]

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The Evolution of the Tortilla

text and photos by Louise Wisechild. The savory tortilla, made from ground maize (corn), is Guatemala’s favorite food staple. Maize itself plays an important cultural and spiritual role in Mayan cosmology. In the Maya creation story, people were fashioned from yellow and white maize. Maize is the foundation of the Mayan diet and culture. Maize is also one of the […]

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