Amalia’s Kitchen – Boosting Flavor while cutting Calories

Amalia's Kitchen

The healthier eating trend is stronger than ever in the United States. Native and African Americans and Hispanics are at the top of the risk group for Type 2 diabetes in America, according to the American Diabetes Association. This trend will have a ripple effect on neighboring countries in the coming years, as chronic diseases related to poor eating habits […]

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AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Wholesome Resolutions (recipes included)

Wholesome burger with fries

New Year’s resolutions come in many ways and forms. Mine usually include sticking to healthy cooking and eating habits for health and well being. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be bland, difficult, or boring. Guatemalan cuisine, like other cuisines, has its own distinct cooking techniques. Today people are more aware about food than ever as the sharing of information has […]

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