Churrasco a good Guatemalan BBQ for Father’s Day

Churrasco A Good Guatemalan BBQ for Father’s Day

Summertime calls for outdoor cooking and delicious food and what a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a scrumptious Guatemalan churrasco (BBQ). A good churrasco or parrillada can be as simple as grilling various types of meat paired with a few sides; however, a Guatemalan churrasco always comes with chirmol (charred tomato and mint salsa). A typical churrasco […]

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Churrasco! A Guatemalan Barbecue Experience

text, recipes & photos by chef and author Amalia Moreno-Damgaard. ( Churrasco is a special Guatemalan experience that refers to cooking meats and other foods outdoors on a parrilla (grill) during gatherings where friends and family get together to celebrate special events or simply share good times. My dad’s very large family (12 brothers and sisters) had many such churrasco celebrations, and […]

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