TAK’ALIK AB’AJ a look back through time and space

Tak'Alik Ab'Aj

In the beginning, so long ago it no longer can be remembered, all was peaceful. There was abundant space to gather food and hunt, goods were traded fairly, air and water were pure, children could run and shout and explore. But one day signs appeared in the neighboring valley that indicated “No Trespassing.” Soon the fertile hill just beyond had […]

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Q & A with Dr. Marion Popenoe Hatch

Parque Nacional Tak’alik Ab’aj by Tomas Cernikovsky Parque Nacional Tak’alik Ab’aj (TA), a Mayan site on the South Coast of Guatemala, is unusual in two ways. It is the only site in the Mayan world that displays both Olmec and Mayan monuments concurrently and it has been continuously under exploration by Guatemalan archaeologists. At a well-reported press conference in October, […]

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