Star Treatment for Your Eyes

Written by. Natalie Rose

The Centro Visual G&G transforms the eye-care experience with the latest equipment, new services, and a soothing bedside manner.

Walking into the new offices of Centro Visual G&G is like walking into a relaxing spa where you would go to be pampered, not to have your eye-care needs met. The distinctive eye-care facility was in the final stages of construction as of late September, but the building blocks, such as colonial architecture and rich, sunset orange walls, already exude calm and tranquility. The fountain in the center of the well-manicured courtyard adds a soundtrack of cascading water, setting a soothing tone. To add to the calming ambience, there are plans for patio furniture, reading areas as well as a coffee cart. The doctors meet every patient with a welcoming smile and a warm handshake, as if they were greeting a friend.

Drs. José and Dalia de Golcher and staff

Drs. José and Dalia de Golcher and staff

Ophthalmology specialists Drs. José and Dalia de Golcher, who have been practicing in La Antigua Guatemala for eight years, walk through their new space pointing out the purpose of every room. There are two exam rooms, an ophthalmologist office to purchase frames and contact lenses, and a spacious surgery room. There is a dedicated area for aesthetic medicines, such as Botox and other facial treatments, which Dr. Dalia feels entwines seamlessly with eye care. “People not only need to see well, but need to look and feel well too. [These services] complement the ophthalmology services here … we want to give you the best appearance for your face and your eyes.”

But perhaps the most exciting area in the new G&G office is the diagnostic center. The future home to nine state-of-the-art optical machines, each machine serves a specific purpose to aid in the doctors’ diagnosis of debilitating eye diseases. With these machines, it is possible to detect certain diseases years before the patient notices symptoms and take immediate action to ensure healthy sight for life. Before this latest equipment came to G&G, such as the Humphrey Matrix, used to detect glaucoma (the only machine of its kind in Antigua), ophthalmologists in Antigua, including those at G&G, had to send their clients to Guatemala City for these tests.

Now, not only will Drs. Golcher benefit from this advanced diagnostic equipment, but local ophthalmologists will also benefit, as Drs. Golcher plan on offering them the use of this equipment. This is a win-win for both the patient, who no longer has to travel to Guatemala City, as well as the physician, who now has the benefit of these advanced technologies for their practice.

The new facility is one of the many ways Drs. Golcher put their patients first. They spend time with their clients, asking questions and listening to responses. It is their belief that this information is just as valuable as any diagnostic test. The doctors strive to keep their patients well informed about their diagnosis and treatment options, providing numerous pamphlets, visual diagrams and video presentations to help describe the services performed and to aid in their understanding. Dr. José explains: “Our philosophy is give the patient information … an educated patient is a better patient.”

The doctors have been looking to expand for almost a year. Within the next six weeks, the G&G office located on 4a av. sur will close its doors and the new location, in the Centro Gerencial Marqués del Rubio business center, will open. The doctors will maintain G&G’s branch on 6a calle poniente, where there is a full-time ophthalmologist on staff and where Dr. José Golcher holds office hours three mornings a week. Though not open until late October, the new G&G facility will be worth the wait.

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