Coffee, a perfect way to enhance your business experience

Coffee can be, in many ways, an integral part of a customer’s experience at your restaurant. Burt Lancaster, the famous actor, once said: “I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.” His quote couldn’t be truer, and here’s why.

Imagine guests arriving for a highly anticipated meal, which required a lot of preparation and effort. Everything goes great, the food is outstanding, your customer is happy, but then you top that great culinary experience with a disgraceful, tasteless cup of coffee. Yes, that’s going to be the last impression of your restaurant. One of the major pitfalls of many places is failing to see coffee as food.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you the basic steps to achieve a great coffee finale at the El Salvador School of Coffee, where you can learn how to create not only a nice cup of coffee, you can also become a coffee connoisseur. The school has many different courses to learn about coffee, including cupping techniques, coffee roasting, barista and coffee brewing classes and coffee marketing.

People around the world will continue to enjoy coffee as part of a widespread social ritual for generations. Coffee is a natural product that promotes the wellbeing and imprints the feeling of a good quality life, so it’s better to use it as an attraction instead of a letdown at your business. Pay attention to coffee, it can often create much better memories for both owners and customers.

For more coffee information contact:
Escuela de Café de El Salvador
Consejo Salvadoreño del Café

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  • What a well written article! We are shocked at the quality of coffee that restaurants, and sadly business and homes serve. So, we grow our own on the south side of El Volcan de San Salvador and my girlfriend and I also give tours of our coffee finca, Las Orquideas where our gourmet coffee is now finding its way into unique restaurants and coffee houses here in San Salvador. Write me, and I would love to treat you to a bag of our own home grown, we even have decaf that we just perfected! YUM….kelly montes

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