Are you an Enlightened Holiday Traveler?

Experience the Mayan culture (photo: Rudy Giron)

Experience the Mayan culture (photo: Rudy Giron)

One of the blessings of traveling is the opportunity to gain some fresh perspectives, especially during the holidays. When we visit another culture we expand our own perspectives and gain valuable insights.

Guatemala travel experiences stimulate a greater appreciation for the magnificence of life and a greater appreciation for ourselves. Touching exotic and ancient cultures activates our awareness that there is more than “one way” to achieve happiness. Travel opens us to an appreciation for the magnificence of the variety of expressions that cohabitate here on planet Earth. It is through comparison that we learn.

Through contrast we educate our intellect and our emotions as we become more accepting of cultural differences.

What many people do not initially realize is that travel builds resiliency. The purpose of a vacation is to restore our energy and our faith in humanity. Our nervous system becomes dulled through repetitive patterns that accompany a 9-to-5 lifestyle. Taking a vacation not only offers us more sleep, it refreshes neural pathways. This refreshment invigorates us on many levels. It stimulates our clarity and propels us toward a more enlightened state.

Travel opens us to a broader understanding and often builds greater tolerance toward differing views and customs. Busy holiday travel reveals our own prejudices and assumptions, as we may get “rubbed the wrong way.” The experience of discomfort can support self-awareness.

Each and every being has a sovereign gift: the ability to make choices. Free will is a universal empowerment and all persons enjoy that gift regardless of location of birth, education or title. The ability to make wise choices grows as we mature and gain experience. Travel activates our inner capacity to confront change. It also helps us gain trust in ourselves and others.

Regardless of whether you are taking a vacation in Guatemala or enjoying the many benefits of living here, your inner clarity will be empowered during the holidays. As you sink into goodwill and the thoughts of peace on Earth, an inner clarity and commitment to sustain that moment is enhanced through the Guatemalan travel experience.
Some people travel and experience a fascination for the myriad foreign cultures. They begin to respect the universal life force that expresses through all human beings. They enjoy the different cultures, art forms and lifestyles and thus feel enriched through the travel. Travel expands the fabric of their consciousness and actually supports self-love. As we learn to accept others we automatically deepen our own self-appreciation.

Guatemala can offer a cacophony to the senses—especially in December. The increased traffic, the fireworks, the brightly painted buses and the street vendors can become overwhelming. Relax, breathe and smile at the confrontations. The colors, the friendliness and the authenticity of the Guatemalan culture will find their way into your heart. Regardless of your ultimate personal experience, you are enriched for having made the trip. Your consciousness and wisdom will grow and perhaps good will toward all will prevail. Happy holidays!

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