A Tribute to Andy Palacio

The “Garífuna Settlement Day” celebration will travel from Belize to La Antigua Guatemala for a performance at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 22 at Santa Isabel (Carretera a San Bartolomé Becerra)

This celebration marks the arrival of the first Garífuna to Belize in 1832 and is celebrated throughout Belize and Central America.

Produced by Planeta en Ritmo, the event will pay tribute to the Garífuna culture and their musical ambassador, Andy Palacio. In Belize, Mr. Palacio was nationally known as both a musician and an advocate for Garífuna culture.

The performances will include the Garífuna Collective; Umalali, featuring Garífuna women from Guatemala; and Los Chupacabras. Additional bands will perform, and fireworks will light up the sky. Proceeds will benefit the NGO Niños de Guatemala (www.ninosdeguatemala.org)

For more information contact Wendy Wever (502) 4387-0516

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