A Journey to Inner Space

Space isn’t a concept our minds can easily wrap itself around. It’s not tangible, nor can it be perceived by any of the senses. The ego, which thrives on control, is gripped by fear at the notion of boundless regions of the infinite!

This empty space—what is it? Space is to growth what air is to the breath. All living things need space in which to expand. Have you ever noticed that when an area around a plant has been cleared it begins to sprout new growth? This applies to us, too. Internal space is core to our development as human beings; however, it’s often overlooked. Physical obstructions are visible—we’ll eventually trip over them if we ignore them for long. Although inner obstructions can’t be seen, nevertheless, they can trip us up, too!

What crowds our space? It should be no surprise that the mind with 60,000 repetitive thoughts daily occupies far more than its fair share! The heart competes for the space it needs to accommodate the anger, pain and regrets it clings onto. Even in the body there is often little space—it can be full of unprocessed calories, toxins and emotional residue.

Take a journey to inner space. Clear away the clutter and gently ask the little self and the unwelcome guests to leave. Create a sacred space where you can find your true self again and again. Remind yourself daily that you are not the same as you were yesterday. Today you have more space in which to expand and to welcome others. With open space, so much more becomes possible. As a symbol of this, put a single rose in a large vase and witness the presence and beauty that radiates in the empty space that surrounds it!

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