8 Delectable Desserts

Flan antigüeño (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Flan antigüeño (photo by Rudy Giran)

  • Banoffee Pie sweet honey biscuit base covered in a thick layer of caramel and slices of fresh banana, topped with a generous helping of fluffy cream, dusted with chocolate powder. —Rainbow Café
  • White Chocolate Ice Cream topped with blackberry sauce. —Welten
  • Capuccino Pie dark espresso folded into whipped cream, piled into a cookie-crumb crust. —Café Condesa
  • Merengue a la Crema with 2 heaping scoops of handmade Italian ice cream. —Christophe Pizza
  • Crepe de Cajeta caramel crepe with a coffee sauce and vanilla ice cream. —El Viejo Café
  • Home-made Cookies several flavors of fresh-baked “big” cookie goodness. —Cookies, etc.
  • Belgian-style Waffles made with organic blueberries and served with ice cream or whipped cream. —Café Sky
  • Chocolate Amaretto Cake No description can define the taste. —El Sereno

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  • Yummy!

    I’ve always enjoyed this palatable dessert “al estilo antigüeño.” Where do you suggest is the best one available in Antigua? Maybe we can get their recipe for a nostalgia weekend in Canada.


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