REVUE’s April 2014 Photo Contest: Guatemalan Traditions

We invite you to participate in our MONTHLY PHOTO CONTEST for APRIL 2014 with the theme VOLCANOES IN GUATEMALA; please send ONE (1) HI-RES photo without watermarks, with caption/location and your name and website for the credit line to: + We will only accept high resolution photographs without watermarks. + Submissions entered by the 10th of March 2014 will […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, March 2014. Traditions in Guatemala

Posición/Position: 2do lugar / 2nd place Premio/Prize: Porta lapiceros de Jades Xibalbá Tema/theme: Tradiciones en Guatemala / Guatemalan Tradition Título/title: Mayan Ceremony Lugar/place: Cobán, Alta Verapaz Autor/author: Eli Orozco Web:

Ganadores por decisión de los jueces del equipo editorial / Winners by editorial decision Ganadores por voto popular en Facebook / Winners by popular votes in Facebook Todas las fotografías participantes / All the photos participating Agradecemos a todos lo que participaron con una fotografía en nuestro concurso fotográfico. We thank all the people participating in our photo contest.

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Carnival at Sugar City and It’s Raining Ash

Carnival at Sugar City and It’s Raining Ash by Thor Janson

Mazatenango is affectionately referred to by locals as “Sugar City,” as it is surrounded by cane fields and sugar refineries. The growing public antipathy toward everything sweetened and flavored with genetically modified corn syrup has led to a real boom for Guatemala’s south coast producers of real, natural, cane sugar. This current economic upsurge is reflected by the prosperity of […]

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Tony’s tuned up and ready to begin his annual concert series for you to enjoy this month and on into May. Tony has been resting, eating well and repairing his home the last few months while studying his musical scores. Shortly before dawn one morning soon, you will hear him warming up for his season of song. You can’t miss […]

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Casa Popenoe

Rewriting history When the Universidad Francisco Marroquin acquired the Casa Popenoe from the Popenoe family in 2007, we never imagined that, through its historical research, the university would rewrite the house’s history. Dr. Arq. Alberto Garín, curator, has done a fabulous job of just that! Meticulously going through the Popenoe family records and interviewing Dr. Marion Popenoe Hatch, he has […]

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February 2014 in Revue Magazine

Happy February! The big holiday and New Year greetings are behind us as we move along into 2014. The fun holiday this month is Valentine’s Day, and not coincidentally, our Photo Contest theme is Love in Guatemala. Throughout this edition is a sampling of the great photographs we received, including the winners by popular vote and by judges’ decision. Thanks […]

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