Chichicastenango celebrates patron Santo Tomás

Thrilling the crowd below, the dancers spin around the pole as their ropes unravel with every turn, lowering them closer and closer to the ground in a death-defying ritual. Home of one of Central America’s largest indigenous markets, Chichicastenango is at its liveliest this month because Dec. 21 is the feast day of its patron saint, Santo Tomás. Festivities run […]

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Mustache Night is fun and festive at Monoloco

As our old troubadour friend Jimmy Buffett happily lamented, “If I only had a pencil-thin mustache, then I could do some cruisin’ too.” Poor guy, he should’ve been at Monoloco, the popular sports bar in La Antigua, on Thursday night, Dec. 16, for Mustache Night. Guests had Jimmy’s pencil-thin variety, while Miss Kate had a José Quervo flair. There were […]

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Children dance to raise scholarship funds

By Nancy Hoffman Niños con Bendición is a group of 16 children ages 6-13 who perform folk dances before various audiences to raise money for scholarships for their schooling and to help cover daily living expenses. Dressed in traditional traje from various Guatemala communities, the children enchanted patrons Saturday, Dec. 11, at La Peña del Sol Latino, 5a calle poniente […]

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Christmas Punch

A traditional recipe from: The Doña Luisa Xicotencatl, Antigua Cookbook (Spanish/English) 1 pineapple, cubed 1 papaya, cubed 1 coconut, grated 4 ounces raisins 4 ounces prunes 1 cinnamon stick ½ pound sugar Put one gallon of water in a pot and add the cinnamon. When the water begins to boil, add all the other ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes. […]

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An Exercise in Futility

Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross)

The cardio high and other pleasures of climbing Cerro de la Cruz My body is a temple—a temple of doom. Some of the erosion—hair, hearing, back, knee—is beyond my control now that I’m a 50-something. Weight is another story. A good 5-10 pounds would melt away if I simply dropped my beer habit, but in a town with noon-to-7 happy […]

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Holiday Shopping in Antigua

text and photos by Jennifer Rowe If you are new to Guatemala, on a budget, or just having trouble coming up with unique ideas for gifts this holiday season, do not fret! Here are a few suggestions of what is available to you from some of the merchants in Antigua. If there’s someone on your shopping list that enjoys setting […]

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While Santa Claus and Christmas trees may be symbols of the Christmas season, nacimientos (nativity scenes) are a Christmas custom the world over. Saint Francis of Assisi built the first one in 1223 after returning from a trip to Bethlehem. It quickly became a tradition and spread throughout the Catholic world, including Spain. The Spanish brought the custom to Guatemala. […]

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What is your favorite fiesta this month?

The Dance of the 24 Devils, dedicated to the Virgen de Concepción

The celebration of La Concepción in Ciudad Vieja, near La Antigua Guatemala, is incredible! Everyone enjoys beginning the Christmas cycle by “burning the devil” on Dec. 7. Many will gather at La Concepción in Antigua at 6 p.m. to burn an effigy of the devil enhanced with a sign notating local gossip. After the reading of his “will,” the image […]

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December 2010 in Revue Magazine

Holiday Celebration (photo by Arturo Godoy -

December is here and with it the usual and unusual sights, sounds and flavors of the Christmas season. Elizabeth Bell fills us in on her favorite among the unique ceremonies of the Christmas season, while Joy Houston tells us about festivities honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe. Need some holiday gift ideas? Jennifer Rowe took a whirlwind tour of La Antigua […]

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