December 2010 in Revue Magazine

Holiday Celebration (photo by Arturo Godoy -

Holiday Celebration (photo by Arturo Godoy -

December is here and with it the usual and unusual sights, sounds and flavors of the Christmas season.

Elizabeth Bell fills us in on her favorite among the unique ceremonies of the Christmas season, while Joy Houston tells us about festivities honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Need some holiday gift ideas? Jennifer Rowe took a whirlwind tour of La Antigua Guatemala shops to write a holiday gift guide. We also have a recipe for Guatemala’s holiday punch.

It’s not all about Christmas, though. Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth delves into ancient chocoholics and the symbols they left behind, and D. Wayne Coop fills us in on the spicy topic of chiles.

Meanwhile, Peter C. Meyer takes us on a bird watch, focusing on an unappreciated species.

Looking ahead to January, Jason Kennedy explains the ceremonies coming up in Chiquimula to honor the Black Christ. There’s much more in Datebook and throughout this month’s issue.

You also might notice a change in our personnel roster—me! I’ve recently returned to Antigua to become the Revue editor. My career includes nearly 20 years at The Associated Press and Miami Herald, and I’ve been affiliated with the Revue since 2002 as a writer, associate editor and copy editor.

It’s great to be back in Antigua. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

—Matt Bokor

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