Mustache Night is fun and festive at Monoloco

As our old troubadour friend Jimmy Buffett happily lamented, “If I only had a pencil-thin mustache, then I could do some cruisin’ too.”

Poor guy, he should’ve been at Monoloco, the popular sports bar in La Antigua, on Thursday night, Dec. 16, for Mustache Night.

Guests had Jimmy’s pencil-thin variety, while Miss Kate had a José Quervo flair. There were a few Snidely Whiplash and Fu Manchú styles in the house, too, even a hint of Hitler.

Guests sporting un bigote received a free beer, and it didn’t matter whether the mustache was authentic or artfully applied by one of Monoloco’s versatile bartenders. Enthusiastic patrons also enjoyed Beer Pong competition – a sudsy variation of ping-pong.

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