Galería El Attico Celebrates 30 Years


El Attico Celebrates 30 years highlighting Art in Guatemala Founded by Luis Escobar and Guillermo Monsanto, El Attico opened its doors to the public on April 13, 1988. The inaugural exhibition showcased work by well-known and respected artists, such as Elmar Rojas, Dagoberto Vásquez Castañeda, Ana María de Maldonado, Manolo Gallardo, Luis Álvarez, Ana María de Rademann, Walter Peter Brenner, […]

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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue (photo: Harris & Goller/

Written by Terry Kovick Biskovich Dateline: 1987 Northern California Grandpa Jones, 93-year-old tribal medicine man. From the Files of G.W. Sweetwater and B. Yates-Penny “It’s a matter of belief, there’s nothing else. You get what you give out or what you’re afraid of. Did you know that everything out there is a reflection? Let me tell you something … if […]

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