Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue (photo: Harris & Goller/viaventure.com)

Out of the Blue (photo: Harris & Goller/viaventure.com)

Written by Terry Kovick Biskovich

Dateline: 1987 Northern California
Grandpa Jones, 93-year-old tribal medicine man.
From the Files of G.W. Sweetwater and B. Yates-Penny

“It’s a matter of belief, there’s nothing else. You get what you give out or what you’re afraid of. Did you know that everything out there is a reflection?
Let me tell you something … if you see someone you don’t like, look inside of yourself; the thing that you didn’t like about them, look and hunt it down inside of you. It might be small. Take it and throw it out, and look back at that person. Now you might still have things there you don’t like because your energies are doing different dances, but that other part, you won’t see it again.

Anything you can believe you’ve already got and you hold to it, now it might literally kill you, but you can be darn sure it will come to pass. But the main thing is to believe you already have it. That’s the secret. If you see it’s going to happen and really believe it, there ain’t no way for it not to happen.

It’s just like that instant camera there. If I got everything set, there’s no way for it not to take that picture if I press that button. Your life is the same way. If you can believe it and organize your thinking and your life, it will happen.
Our whole life, our whole existence is a pattern before us, right out to the end of the woods. We have everything we want at all times. Everything we need to learn is right outside that door. But humans want everything a mystery. You can step out there on that porch of mine and you can see all those trees hugging each other and reaching for the sun, and they’re all doing beautiful.”

All healers do is to give you the power to believe it works. They do this by loving your spirit and when you feel this, then you are healing yourself.

(Edition May 21-28, 1993)

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