8 Delectable Desserts

Banoffee Pie

Sweet honey biscuit base covered in a thick layer of caramel and slices of fresh banana, topped with a generous helping of fluffy cream, dusted with chocolate powder — Rainbow Café

White Chocolate Ice Cream

Topped with blackberry sauce — Welten

Capuccino Pie

Dark espresso folded into whipped cream, piled into a cookie-crumb crust — Café Condesa

Merengue a la Crema

With 2 heaping scoops of handmade Italian ice cream — Christophe Pizza

Crepe de Cajeta

Caramel crepe with a coffee sauce and vanilla ice crea — El Viejo Café

Home-made Cookies

Several flavors of fresh-baked “big” cookie goodness — Cookies, etc.

Belgian-style Waffles

Made with organic blueberries and served with ice cream or whipped cream — Café Sky

Chocolate Amaretto Cake

No description can define the taste — El Sereno