Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, March 2017 “Celebrating in Guatemala”

Winners by Popular Vote

photo contest

1st PLACE “Celebration, paralysis does not stop the joy!” by David Dean. Prize: Q200

photo contest

2nd PLACE “Celebrating 15 (Celebrando Quinceaneras)” La Antigua, by Solange Thibodeau. Prize: Q100

photo contest

3rd PLACE “Ritual de agradecimiento a la madre tierra (Ritual of thanks to Mother Earth)” Gran Jaguar, Petén, by Antonio Orozco. Prize: Q50

Winners by Editorial Decision

photo contest

1st PLACE “Fiesta del Color” Guatemala City, by Javier Alvarez Vassaux. Prize: Q200

photo contest

2nd PLACE “100 años de amor” Guatemala City, by Silvia Escobar. Prize: Q100

photo contest

3rd PLACE “Tzijolaj, the cavalier – Celebrating Saint Thomas´ Day” Chichicastengo, Quiché, by Guillermo Alejandro C. Alfaro. Prize: Q50

A big thanks to all the participating photographers. Fun stuff!
The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the March, 2017 issue of Revue.

You can see all of the submissions at

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  • David A. Dean

    I am very very happy to have this photo chosen. This little Angel shares this smile, and an attempt at a kiss, each day I have the pleasure of greeting her. To know her is to love her. I would be happy to share information on how you can volunteer with her, and hundreds of others just like her. Thanks all.

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